Conquest of Evil Part 1: The Minion Saga

Conquest of Evil Part One

Evil is more than a concept. It is a living entity desiring nothing less than the domination of all existence. Throughout time and space, since the very creation of the first universe, Evil has been there, lurking in background and waiting for a moment of weakness when it could strike. Even when its forces were decimated Evil remained, seeking a way to snatch victory from defeat. From the distant past to the far future, my fanfiction is an exploration of this universe where the unwritten future of another universe is as important as the unrecorded past of the mainstream reality. For the villains a single goal: the conquest of the planet Earth and with it, the key to ultimate power. For the Rangers a responsibility that stretches beyond the boundaries of time and space: to protect their world and vanquish evil wherever it appears. My fanfiction has always circled around Conquest of Evil or COE as I often call it. COE is a Multiversal series covering a larger area than the original show. A series where cross-dimensional, cross-time and parallel universes are possible if rarely seen; a reality where a throwaway monster can return as a near god and bring existence to its knees. Some people claim that every story should have a happy ending. With COE the question should be is evil being conquered or doing the conquering? It's a cross between the Marvel and DC multiverse with hints of the Saban universe thrown in for good measure. It's a place where you can walk on the Moon without a space suit. It's a place the characters I write call home.

The Emperor Cometh

Seeking Thunder
After Lord Zedd arrives and takes control of the Zords, Zordon embarks on a plan to upgrade to the Power of Thunder. But first he has to find the Thunderzords and unlock their powers. Can his old student Gosei offer assistance?

What’s Tomato You?
Lord Zedd decides to use Billy’s science experiment as a monster.

The Machine Age

Graduation Blues
With the end of his education, Billy is faced with the big question of what next? It could be his future lies not on Earth, but on another world.

Holding Back the Darkness

Rewrite In Progress Interlude: The Clash of Honour Rewrite In Progress
Lord Zedd unveils a new plot to take the Rangers’ powers

Rewrite In Progress Re-enter: The Green Ranger Rewrite In Progress
Without their powers the Rangers have but one choice: find the clone of the Green Ranger. But will he help and if he does, will the cost be too high?

Rewrite In Progress Clash of the Megazords Rewrite In Progress
Gasket can’t stand to see the Rangers with superior machines, so he decides to make his own Zords.

Rewrite In Progress When Zords Attack Rewrite In Progress
It’s time for the Rangers to face some foes with familiar faces as Gasket chooses to base his creations on the schematics for the Zords of the past.

Rewrite In Progress Fading Gold Rewrite In Progress
The powers of the Gold Ranger were created on Triforia for a Triforian. They must be returned to their rightful owner before they destroy Jason.

Rewrite In Progress Restoration of Birthright Rewrite In Progress
Sprocket and Gasket were not Mondo’s only sons.

Rewrite In Progress Verge of Freedom Rewrite In Progress
Rocky is sent on a mission to prevent the release of an evil that has existed longer than the Machine Empire.

Rewrite In Progress Fathers and Sons Rewrite In Progress
Adam ends up on an alien world with no way home. And worse, his father is with him.

Rewrite In Progress Accepting the Dark Rewrite In Progress
Mondo has plans for Tommy and only by accepting himself can the Red Zeo Ranger hope to avoid becoming the Machine King’s slave.

Rewrite In Progress The Day of the Luddites Rewrite In Progress
Jennifer discovered something about herself she didn’t want to know. Now Mondo knows and plans to use her in his schemes.

Rewrite In Progress Warriors in the Shadows Rewrite In Progress
When Billy is kidnapped, it is up to Tommy to travel to Aquitar and save him

Rewrite In Progress Birdcage Bandit Rewrite In Progress
A birdcage Ernie purchased gives Rita and Zedd the basis of a new scheme.

Rewrite In Progress The Lost Knight Rewrite In Progress
While testing Pyramidas, Trey runs afoul of one of an evil scheme by an ancient evil.

Conquest of Evil Part 2: After The Minion
Minion was defeated and existence has been restored to its previous state… sort of. But the dakrness is still looming, new enemies are emerging and for the Power Rangers and their allies, the battle grows more difficult. This is a story of recovery and endurance as the heroes of Earth brace themselves ready for what the future might bring.

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Conquest of Evil Origins

Conquest of Evil Origins

The universe is filled with legendary and powerful beings. And evey one of of them has a story to tell. This is where their stories begin.

Origins: The God Wave
Once there was a world, Then it exploded and the result brought forth a wave of power capable of turning mortals into gods.

Genesis of the Time Lords
The story of an old man who become a child and led to the emergence of one of the most politically powerful races in the universe. This is the tale of the rise of Gallifrey.

Rise and Fall of the Guardians
How the Maltusians rose up to become the Guardians of the Universe

Origins: The Zeo Knight
In the days between the First Ones departing and the rise of the First Alliance, the universe is threatened by a demon named Vitara. Step forth abrave knight to vanquish the darkness. And long may his deeds be remembered.

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Conquest of Evil

Evil is more than a concept. It is a living entity desiring nothing less than the domination of all existence. Throughout time and space, since the very creation of the first universe, Evil has been there, lurking in background and waiting for a moment of weakness when it could strike. Even when its forces were decimated Evil remained, seeking a way to snatch victory from defeat.

From the distant past to the far future, my fanfiction is an exploration of this universe where the unwritten future of another universe is as important as the unrecorded past of the mainstream reality. For the villains a single goal: the conquest of the planet Earth and with it, the key to ultimate power. For the Rangers a responsibility that stretches beyond the boundaries of time and space: to protect their world and vanquish evil wherever it appears.

My fanfiction has always circled around Conquest of Evil or COE as I often call it. COE is a Multiversal series covering a larger area than the original show. A series where cross-dimensional, cross-time and parallel universes are possible if rarely seen; a reality where a throwaway monster can return as a near god and bring existence to its knees.

Some people claim that every story should have a happy ending. With COE the question should be is evil being conquered or doing the conquering? It's a cross between the Marvel and DC multiverse with hints of the Saban universe thrown in for good measure. It's a place where you can walk on the Moon without a space suit. It's a place the characters I write call home.

Age Of Legend
How did it all start? Where did the war between good and evil begin? How did an existence at the point of oblivion pass into the creation of a new reality, a reborn creator and the start of a new war? Just how was the universe formed, what role did the Power play and what of those that tried to tame it?
The Age of Legend is the period during which all those questions are answered as existence emerged from the darkness and begins anew. These stories cover the period from before the Dawn of Time all the way up until the end of Rita Repulsa's war with Zordon.

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Interlude: Re-enter… The Green Ranger

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers; they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.

Authors Note: This is an alternate universe from the television show with an alternate timeline.

Interlude: Re-enter… The Green Dragon

Earth, Variant Reality M000-1

“We did it Zeddy!” Rita cried.

“Silence!” Zedd was not in a good mood and spun sharply to confront Mistress Repugna. “What were you thinking by interfering, do you have any idea what could have happened?”

“What does it matter, you made your little bet, gave your little oath and thanks to my intervention, we won.”

“The point is that you could have destroyed us all,” Zedd snapped. “That oath contains powerful magic.”

“Relax Zedd. So I cheated, we didn’t get caught.”

“Those Rangers are going to try and retrieve their powers,” Zedd mused, ignoring the woman. “Perhaps we should make it easier for them. Goldar, take the Zeo Crystal back to the quarry and wait for those annoying teenagers to show up. When they do use the Putties or Tengas to capture them. Rito, go with him and make sure you don’t mess it up. Logran will be nearby, just in case.”

“Yes Lord Zedd,” Goldar growled.

“Sure thing Ed,” Rito added.

“And you,” Zedd snarled, his finger pointed at Monastra. “Stay out of the way or I’ll put you in a Dumpster.”

“Sure Zedd, whatever,” Monastra replied, temporarily appearing as a blond haired, blue eyed, bubblegum blowing teenager. When the villain was out of earshot, she added: “Try putting me in a Dumpster when I turn your magic off, grate face.”

“Hold still Tommy, I’m almost done,” Alpha announced as he dragged the pen-shaped device across one of the many cuts Tommy had gained during his battle.

The shoulder he had damaged had been found to be clear from infection and had sealed relatively quickly until Zordon’s guidance. The flesh would hurt for a few days to come, but the bones and muscles had regenerated nicely. Still, the power the dark Ranger had shown in creating that blast was frightening.

“I lost,” he repeated for the fifth time since he had been back at the Command Center, as if saying the words would somehow make it seem better.

“Yes Tommy,” Zordon answered. “I am afraid that although Logran’s tactics were underhanded, he remained within the rules you had agreed on with Zedd. There is nothing we can do about the decision.”

“Man, we need to get the Zeo Crystals and the Zords back,” Tommy said. When they arrived back at the Power Chamber, they had seen that the Zords had been teleported away.

“We need to find some different powers,” Rocky said.

“How about our old powers?” Adam asked.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi! Adam, you must never use those morphers again,” Alpha warned. “The power could destroy you.”

“It’s okay Alpha, calm down,” Tanya said reassuringly. “Adam was only asking.”

“Hey I know, what about the Green Ranger powers?” Tommy asked. “They were never destroyed with the Thunderzords.”

“No,” Billy agreed, “but they were drained by Zedd. The Green Ranger is powerless.”

“His clone wasn’t,” Rocky muttered.

“Yes Rocky, you are correct,” Zordon boomed, gaining the attention of the Command Center’s occupants. “The clone of the Green Ranger never had his powers drained since he is a magical construct and to do so would have ended his existence. With a Power Coin in his possession, they would be intact.”

“Yeah, but the clone is in the past,” Kat remarked, remembering the stories Tommy had told her, and those not so nice versions that Rita and Zedd had shared.

“I believe we can still contact him for help,” Zordon stated. “Alpha, access your tertiary auxiliary memory and recall the wand from that location.”

“Zordon?” Billy asked, a suspicion starting to form.

“I am sorry to say I misled you Rangers,” Zordon boomed. “After the Green Ranger was left in the past, I considered destroying the Wizard of Deception’s wand. However, the wand proved difficult to destroy and I feared we would need a method of time travel in the future, so I had Alpha secrete the wand deep inside the Morphin Grid and ordered him to hide the location within his memory. Only Alpha has the knowledge and means to retrieve it.”

“You lied to us,” Rocky accused.

“I am afraid I did,” Zordon acknowledged. “However, I am certain that my actions were for the best. By keeping the existence of the wand secret, I avoided the temptation to use it. By not destroying it, we have the means to contact the clone.”

“Tom,” Tommy said. “His name is Tom.”

“I apologise Tommy,” Zordon said.

“So how do we open this portal to Colonial Angel Grove?” Tanya asked.

“The wand will only work for Tommy, due to his experience with the Wizard of Deception,” Zordon said. “You must take the wand to the Colonial Museum and use it to open a portal to the past. Hopefully Tom will agree to aid us.”

“I’ll go now,” Tommy said. He vanished in a column of white.

“Zordon, how can the clone have his powers?” Adam asked. “Tommy told us the Green Ranger powers were lost fighting Lord Zedd.”

Kat and Billy exchanged an awkward look. Luckily Tanya interrupted.

“Tommy said the clone used the powers before,” she pointed out.

“Yes, but I thought those powers came from the Wizard’s wand,” Adam answered.

“When Rita and Zedd created the clone, the Wizard used Tommy’s hair as a genetic blueprint and managed to duplicate his residual link to the Green Morphin energies. He then used a spell to create a coin with similar properties to Tommy’s and energised it using the magic of his wand; he later used the same means to empower the Dragon Zord. But I believe the conduits needed to tap the Green Ranger powers, which had been damaged in Tommy, were normalised within the clone.”

“So the clone, Tom, can still morph?” Adam asked.

“I’m not sure.” Billy admitted. “You see, the clone was magical in nature, not genetic. So when the Wizard created him he used Rita’s memory of the Evil Green Ranger as the design and Rita would not have remembered him having the weakness from the candle at that time. Unfortunately since the coin and the clone are magical constructs, I have no way to ascertain their ability to transform him into the Green Ranger again; from Tommy’s description when he transformed back, the coin the Wizard of Deception created just vanished. I don’t know if he could morph again.”

“If he had a power coin he could,” Alpha stated.

Tommy turned pale as his hand sank into his pants’ pocket and pulled out his old power coin. Unmistakably that of the Dragonzord.

“So if we gave Tom that coin,” Jason said trying to reconcile what he had learnt. The natural leader that he was, it was difficult for him not to just take charge.

“He should be able to morph,” Billy answered. “And since the coin is not only connected to the Morphin Grid, but also contains some of Tommy’s stolen energy, he should be powerful enough. If he agrees.”

“In the meantime we need a plan,” Adam said, keen to change the subject. “Maybe we could ask Tom to battle Logran. Now we know how he fights, Tom could win.”

“Perhaps,” Billy agreed, “but I think Zedd wants us to attack outright.”

“How do you know that?” Tanya asked.

“Because he’s placed everything we lost in plain view in the quarry, on Earth.”

“So if we could get them back, we can be Rangers again, right?” Kat asked.

“That is correct Katherine,” Zordon boomed. “Alpha, retrieve the storage trunk.”

Alpha moved to comply, dragging a large trunk with him. There he opened it revealing the contents.

“Wow,” Rocky remarked pulling out a set of weapons similar to those they used as Rangers.

“Our original Power Weapons,” Billy gasped, recalling the weapons they had handed over when Commander Crayfish and his mutants proved too powerful. Zordon had replaced their weapons with similar yet more powerful copies. “You kept them?”

“I was afraid that one day you would need them again,” Zordon admitted.

Billy pulled them from their box and as they touched his unpowered hands, the weapons changed, becoming simpler and lighter.

“On some planets, Rangers are allowed to carry their weapons while unmorphed,” Zordon explained. “These Power Weapons have been endowed with the ability to blend in with an unmorphed team.”

“Hey Billy, remember these?” Jason asked, pulling out the weapons they had retrieved for use against the Super Putties.

“Affirmative,” Billy grinned. “We never named them though. Trini said they should be called the Power Slingers, but I thought Thunder Slingers suited them better. Don’t you throw anything away Zordon?”

“What’s this?” Rocky asked, holding up a piece of rope.

“I remember that,” Jason said. “Goldar used it to tie Kat, Zack and me to a chair.”

“Correct,” Zordon said. “The rope generates a powerful electronic force field that prevents those trapped by it from morphing and teleporting.”

“We were lucky to get away,” Jason told them.

“Will it still work?” Kat asked.

“Alpha, hand me that scanner,” Billy instructed. Alpha did as he was told and Billy passed the device over the top of the rope. “Affirmative, the rope has retained all its properties,” he said.

“So we have a magic rope, the Thunder Slingers and unpowered weapons,” Adam said. “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Tommy said, sounding pleased. He pulled out a pink ribbon. “Kat used this against the Bloom of Doom.”

“Let me see that,” Alpha said, taking the ribbon from the Ranger. He turned away and then handed Kat a new device. “I modified it to create the Pterodactyl Thunder Whip.”

“And this,” Billy said, pulling a large rifle from the trunk before closing the lid, “is the Mega-Heater I developed against Turbanshell.”

“It’s not much,” Adam said.

“But it’s all we have,” Tanya added. “We’ll work with what we have, assuming Tommy can convince Tom.”

Angel Grove
Colonial Times

“I don’t have a choice, do I?” Tom asked.

When he had been left in the past, he had known that one-day the Rangers would seek him out again. That didn’t mean he had to like it. It wasn’t fair of them to expect him to abandon his new life, his family, to save a world where he didn’t belong. It had taken months for the colonists to accept Tom as one of them, and that had been on the grounds that he didn’t use magic. In such a superstitious place, the reappearance of a white clothed stranger and disappearance of a local man would cause a stir. If Tom agreed to this, then the chances were that the life he had known for the past few years would be gone forever.

“We need you,” Tommy said, giving the clone a sympathetic smile.

Had he had his way, Tommy would have ensured the wand was destroyed. Nobody deserved to have his or her lives disrupted in this way. He could see that Tom was torn between the life he loved and the friends he barely knew. At the end of the day though he was a Ranger and that meant he had to do what was right, not what he wanted.

“On one condition,” Tom said after some thought.

“Name it,” Tommy said.

“If I succeed, I keep the wand,” Tom told him. “No offence, but I have a life, although it looks like I won’t be able to return here again. Still, I can’t have you guys ruining it every time Zedd strips you of your power coins. I’m not a Ranger anymore!”

“I’m really sorry man, if we succeed, I promise I’ll make Zordon destroy it.”

“Not good enough,” Tom snarled his anger obvious. “I’m not a part of your lives anymore. You shouldn’t even be asking me this. If I succeed, I want the wand, so I can ensure it is never used again.”

“I don’t think Zordon would agree.”

Tom’s face was hard when he answered. “Zordon doesn’t have a choice. I can’t stay here anymore. The wand will allow me to find a new time where I won’t upset the balance. And you are the White Ranger, so you decide.”

Tommy nodded reluctantly. “Okay, we’ll do it,” he said finally. He didn’t have a choice.

The two Rangers clasped forearms in agreement, and then Tommy handed the wand to Tom and they both vanished.

“Master, the Rangers are not attacking,” Goldar reported.

“Oh my,” Finster said. “Perhaps they found some new powers.”

“No,” Zedd said firmly. “They will try and recover their powers first. Perhaps those teenagers lack the proper incentive. Logran, attack the city!”

“Attack the city? You forget who you are talking to, Lord Zedd,” Logran sneered. "I’m not just some monster you can order around. I am so much more." He paused, contemplating what he wanted. Hurting Tommy had been fun. It was something he wanted to do again. "On second thoughts… perhaps a little exercise will keep me in shape for Mistress Repugna."

He vanished, taking a collection of Monastra’s clay creatures with him.

Command Center

“So we’re ready then,” Tommy said at last.

There had been a great deal of argument between Tom and Zordon when the two youths had returned. Zordon had argued fiercely that if Tom kept the wand he would be tempted to use it. Tom had responded by pointing out that Zordon was no better and that since the Rangers needed his help, Zordon would need to agree to his terms.

“I’ll handle this Logran and see if I can draw Rito and Goldar into battle,” Tom said. The Rangers had updated him on the changes in the villains’ camp. “You guys will have to handle the Putties and Tengas though.”

“We’ll get our powers back and then come and help you,” Tommy said.

“Zordon, what happens if Tom needs the Zords?” Kat asked as Tom clipped the last of the original Power weapons to his body, aware that although lacking power, they would provide an additional arsenal.

Trini’s daggers were strapped to his ankles, Jason’s sword sheathed at his right hip and the less powerful Dragon Dagger was secured on his left hip; Kat’s bow and Billy’s spears were secured to his back. Zack’s axe was in his hand as he contemplated whether or not to take it. Unpowered, the weapons lacked their gestalt form and the axe couldn’t be transformed into the Cosmic Cannon. In the end he placed it with the bow and spears.

“Dragonzord should answer to your call,” Zordon boomed. “However, without the other Dino Zords, Dragonzord may be overwhelmed. You will have to hold out until the others can reach you.”

“I understand Zordon,” Tom said. “Are you sure I can access these weapons when morphed?”

“Affirmative,” Billy answered. “Although I doubt they will be of use to you.”

“Well, I guess it’s time.”

“Then go, and may the Power protect you.”

Tom shook his head in disbelief. “I never thought I would say this again.” He smiled as he pulled out his power coin and inserted it into his morpher. “It’s Morphin Time – Dragonzord!” He teleported away in a column of green.

The unpowered Rangers followed moments later on their own mission. Jason, Adam and Rocky each carried a pair of Thunder Slingers, a third was strapped to their ankles; Tanya wrapped the rope around her fist while Kat had the whip concealed somewhere on her person. Billy had the Mega-Heater clasped firmly in his hands leaving only Tommy without a weapon.

“What about you Tommy?” Kat asked.

“As if you have to ask,” Billy snorted, well aware of what their glory hog leader was up to. “Six Rangers bonded in mind and purpose. Right Tommy?”

“Billy is correct,” Zordon boomed. “The Sword of Power will prove useful.”

“Let’s do it,” Tommy smiled.

Moving clockwise from closest to Zordon, the teens stood in the circle: Tommy, Billy, Rocky, Tanya, Kat, Adam; they held their right hands in toward their shoulders.

“Sword… of Power!” they called as one.

They put their right hands together in the centre of the circle, causing Ranger-coloured energy to flow down their arms, up Tommy’s arm as red energy, and form the Sword of Power in Tommy’s left hand with a swirl of red energy.

“It’s still as beautiful as I remember it,” Tommy said, looking over the strange blade. “Just think, last time I held this I was under a spell and practically handed it to Zedd.”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Kat told him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You must hurry Rangers,” Zordon reminded them.

In five columns and a small sphere of light, they were gone.

Upon arriving in Angel Grove, Logran had shifted into his Ranger form, a rather twisted interpretation of the Dragon Ranger’s uniform and set off on his blazing path of destruction. The clay creatures he had taken were wrecking their own havoc while acting as his bodyguards. They were gargoyles, shaped by Mistress Repugna to resemble those found on some buildings. People ran as he marched down the streets towards the City Hall. Unlike most villains, Logran was going to make his point right at the heart of Angel Grove.

A flash of green knocked him aside, forcing him to roll aside. His gargoyles were already moving in to protect him as the green object shot passed three more times, causing them to spark. Logran’s eyes narrowed.

“Now what do we have here?” he demanded, throwing shurikens at anything that moved.

“A little blast from the past,” Tom replied, slowing to a stop so the light no longer hid him.

“Tommy,” Logran said. His amusement was evident. “Back in the green after all this time. It was always my favourite form. And so you’re here for round two are you? I won’t stop before I kill you this time.”

The Green Ranger cocked his head to one side, trying to make sense of what Logran had said, but failing. The Dragon Dagger was clasped firmly in his right hand, his left hand was behind his back. His head moved slowly, watching both the gargoyles and Logran for signs of movement.

In his mind Tom was sizing up his opposition. Logran had chosen three very different gargoyles. The first and probably the most dangerous towered over the Green Ranger by a foot, had a stone grey body with huge muscles, powerful demonic wings and sharp teeth. He was made for power, Tom could tell.

The second one was smaller and resembled a schoolboy rather than a killer. Still any illusions Tom held about this creature were put aside when he noticed the claws on the end of its fingers. It had a smooth green skin, a thin tail and small wings.

And the last one was a dog. There was no other way to put it. Grey skinned, it stood on four legs and had large snapping jaws. It had a long powerful looking tail that thrashed from side to side.

With little else to do, Tom attacked, hoping that Logran would prefer to see his pets take care of the problem before involving himself. He charged at the gargoyles, avoiding the dog as it charged at him. He was atop the small one before it could react, using Tommy’s dagger to pin its tail to the tarmac. He drew Jason’s sword for a swift kill when the larger gargoyle connected with a punch.

Tom flew backwards, threw the window of a delivery van and out the other side, coming to rest in the security shutter of a small shop. The small gargoyle was free and stalking towards him. He saw it leap and catch the wind on its wings before gliding towards him, talons extended to shred him to ribbons. He rolled, bringing Zack’s axe to a ready position. He waited until the gargoyle was in reach and then swung the axe.

The blade tore through the clay skin, unleashing a spray of toxic material that seeped into the Green Ranger’s uniform. The Dragon Shield glowed brightly as it worked to counter the assault. Tom threw both the axe and sword to the ground as the corrosive chemicals caused the weapons to melt. The dagger he had used earlier to pin the gargoyle’s tail in place had dissolved into nothing.

Surprisingly, the small gargoyle was still coming; it’s head threatening to rip all the way from its neck as it held on by a slender piece of stony flesh.

“Dragon Dagger!” he called, moving the weapon through a series of motions intended to activate its power. A beam of green light shot from the tip of the weapon, and he wielded it with deadly accuracy as the beam sliced through what was left of the creature’s neck.


The street exploded under the Green Ranger’s feet, glass shattering from the ear splitting wail. The dog had moved in on him while Tom had been distracted and had unleashed on of its many weapons, a paralysing scream every bit as destructive as the club like tail that now pummelled Tom.

Sparks flew as powerful jaws tried to breach the protective fabric of his suit, the pressure sufficient to cause Tom’s bones to pop. Tom reached down and drew Trini’s daggers, using them to lever the dog’s mouth open. Another scream was his reward, this time at close range and powerful enough to crack a part of Tom’s helmet. Tom kicked the dog away and scrambled back to his feet. He tried to make some space between him and the clay mutt, but the dog’s tail was long and smacked into his damaged leg.

Tom fell forward, rolling onto his back out of instinct; there was no way to protect himself if he couldn’t see his opponent coming. The dog was already charging him. It leapt, he raised his feet and managed to kick it away, but the dog landed on its feet and charged in for a second attempt. Tom placed Billy’s spears so that the points met over his chest. Kimberly’s bow was drawn ready; the Dragon Dagger was primed as an arrow.

The dog landed, its chest firmly embedded on the spears as Tom released the Dragon Dagger. The blade ripped down the gargoyle’s throat and out the other end, destroying the beast but also covering Tom with more of the corrosive chemicals. This time though the liquid found its way through his damaged uniform. Tom however didn’t have time to thank about that or about the weapons that had been destroyed by the spray or the Dragon Dagger now safely back in his grip. The largest gargoyle was back and mad.

They crept as near to the podium where their power coins had been placed as they dared to. Rita and Zedd had set Tengas and Putties in place, no doubt expecting the Rangers to charge in without a plan and become trapped by the overwhelming odds. They had spotted Rita and Zedd earlier, hiding in the background ready to strike them at the last moment. But something had happened, and angry exchange had taken place and the two villains had vanished along with Goldar and Rito. The Rangers took that as their signal and closed in.

Against the Putties the Rangers showed no mercy, blasting them with the Thunder Slingers and Billy’s Mega Heater. The clay foot soldiers were numerous, but relatively easy to break. Tanya and Adam used their fighting skills to hit the Z-Putties in the right place.

Kat was using her whip to trip Tengas as the attacked. Since they were living creatures, the Rangers tried to keep the bird creatures alive if a little banged up. Behind her Rocky had abandoned his Thunder Slinger in favour of his feet as he lured the Tengas in.

Tommy held the Sword of Power at the ready, using its powers to trap anything that moved in a bubble of orange energy. He kicked a Z-Putty in the chest and then used the hilt of his sword to knock a Tenga unconscious. He was grateful that although powerless they had managed to retrieve the sword.

Billy turned constantly, preventing anything from getting too near as he maintained fire. The number of Putties had been cut and the Rangers were making progress, but it was becoming clear that time was running out. Once Rita and Zedd realised what was going on, they would return.

“Kat, the crystal,” he shouted, noticing that the Pink Ranger was the closest to the podium.

The Pink Ranger nodded in reply and after breaking off her attack, ran for the podium. She came to an abrupt halt though when Rita’s latest monster, Mistress Repugna appeared, energy shooting from her fingertips.

“Such rude children you are,” she stated. “Trying to steal from Empress Rita and Lord Zedd isn’t polite. Prepare for a tongue lashing.”

Fire burst from her mouth, taking on the shape of a forked tongue that whipped back and forth across the Rangers chests. Kat was knocked back into the throng of foot soldiers.

“Perhaps the trap they laid was too simplistic for you. Putties!”

A red Putty appeared, its body covered with spikes and two powerful blades on its arms. It made a noise similar to a snarl and charged at the powerless humans while the monster turned her attention on Kat and Tanya.

Billy tried to use the Mega-Heater, but a slash from the Putty cleaved it in half. He rolled away before a second blow could hurt him while Adam and Rocky distracted it with kicks and Tommy traded sword blows. The Putty while not skilled in fighting, was resistant to their attacks. It could change shape to avoid any potentially dangerous shots and could retract or elongate its natural weapons.

Rocky and Adam drew their Thunder Slingers, pelting the Putty with several shots before realising they were having little effect. When it returned fire, using its spikes as darts, the two Rangers abandoned their action and retreated.

Mistress Repugna was ruthless in combat. The combination of her fire breath and energy shooting nails was bad enough, but combined with the sceptre, those powers were of little importance. Especially since she was currently shifting said sceptre between its usual form and a long slender sword.

Kat used her whip to catch the woman’s ankle while Tanya attacked with a series of sharp kicks, which were blocked easily. A downward slash from the sword and Kat’s whip was broken.

“Transform!” the monster cried.

The red Putty obeyed and turned into a spinning ball composed of sharp edges.

“Look out!” Tommy warned as the ball chased after the Rangers.

Kat tried to attack Mistress Repugna again, but found herself knocked into the podium but a sharp backhand. She shook her head to clear her thoughts as her palm closed around something familiar. The Zeo Crystal. As soon as she touched it, the crystal and the Zords were teleported away by Zordon, leaving the Zeonisers and Golden Power Staff.

“Zeo Ranger I – Pink!” she cried, tossing Tanya her transformation device.

Soon the Rangers had their Zeonisers back and the fight was on again. The ball like Putty was still proving dangerous though as it tore into them and they had to use all their abilities to avoid it.

The monster towered over Kat as she had once again knocked the Pink Ranger down. She drove the sword forward, but Kat was gone, teleporting to safety. She pulled her blade back only to be met by Tommy; Sword of Power gripped firmly in his hands.

The two battled back and forth, Painforte slipping in the occasional blast of energy that kept Tommy off balance. He in turn used the sword’s capabilities to throw her off balance. She still had the upper hand.

The ball spun back towards Rocky, who had transformed into his Ranger uniform in the hopes of finding better protection. The blades however cut into the fabric and while not deep enough to reach his skin, it caused him to spark violently.

“Guys, I have an idea,” Adam called. He told them the plan quickly, using their internal communications.

The others nodded quickly in agreement as first Adam and then Billy explained why the plan would succeed, after which the genius teleported back to the Power Chamber.

“Hey, over here,” Rocky shouted, drawing the ball in his direction before teleporting around to the far side of Kat.

Together the Rangers kept the ball chasing after them, slowly positioning themselves in the right place for their plan to work. Meanwhile Tanya had moved closer to where Tommy and the monster were fighting. She waited for the right moment and then attacked.

Mistress Repugna took a while to realise what had happened. The Yellow Ranger had come from behind and had slipped a piece of rope around her, distracting her just long enough for Tommy to trap her in a bubble. She didn’t worry though because she could order the ball to help her. Or at least that was what she thought until she noticed the ball was not responding the rope had blocked her ability to control it mentally.

There was an anguished scream as the Rangers continued to draw the ball into a series of wild attacks. Finally Tommy signalled and the others demorphed and vanished from sight, leaving Tommy as the only target.

“NO!” the monster cried, now aware of what the Rangers were up to.

It was too late. Tommy teleported, but the ball kept coming, ramming and tearing its way through the bubble… and its contents were torn to pieces.

But the Rangers did not celebrate. They still had to stop Logran.

The gargoyle flew ever higher as Tom’s struggles diminished. The chemical, whatever it was, had seeped into his skin and had left him feeling weak and nauseous. He couldn’t remember any monsters that naturally included such chemicals and assumed someone had put it there deliberately. Logran’s idea of a prank no doubt.

He gripped the Dragon Dagger hard as the beast started to dive towards the rooftops, dragging him over the roofs as it did so. With his Power enhanced uniform the buildings suffered more than he did, but any debris that found a way into the rips in his suit, burnt against his suddenly sensitive skin.

He waited, biding his time until the beast was close to the ground. Then he used the dagger to rip at its wing, careful not to inhale the noxious chemicals that sprayed out. He was having trouble focussing on what he was doing and flailed blindly in the hopes of connecting with a target.

The beast howled in pain, dropping its prey to the ground. Tom rolled away, scared that the gargoyle might land on him. He scrambled along the street; still unable to see exactly where he was going. It was getting difficult to breathe.

The gargoyle had recovered and despite its useless wing, it was stalking after the Green Ranger. It lifted Tom into the air and after wrapping its arms around him, squeezed, driving the air out of the boy’s lungs and preventing him from getting a fresh breath.

Tom kicked out, hoping to connect with something that would cause pain. Of course as a golem-based monster, the gargoyle lacked the most natural target for the Green Ranger’s knee. Because giving a golem-type warrior a useless but energy-depleting organ made no sense strategically. Every special body part or organ came with a price. It took extra energy to maintain. As such, that weakness was removed.

Eventually his kicking found a pressure point where he could at least throw the beast off balance. By doing so he prevented it from tightening its grip on his body. His eyesight was no longer blurred. Instead everything seemed too bright, too real.

The gargoyle growled after one particularly nasty kick and threw Tom aside. The Green Ranger bounced painfully of the bonnet of a station wagon and onto the sidewalk. The paving cracked on impact. In retaliation, Tom threw a hubcap at the oncoming beast, subconscious pouring a little of his energy into the object to accelerate its flight. It sliced through the creature’s arm, severing the limb.

Using the opportunity, Tom retreated once more, this time on the lookout for something that might aid him. He found it when he approached Nigel’s Discount Gas and Flower Store. Normally the Rangers would not condone the public damage Tom had in mind. But he was alone, hurt and possibly getting weaker by the second – he couldn’t tell anymore since he had lost sensation in his body below the neck.

Using a Blade Blaster to cut a hole in the street, he covered it with a large truck. He then soaked the area in gasoline, after warning the police and fire officers to evacuate the area. Only one officer had protested since the others saw the gargoyle as the bigger threat.

He saw it moving up the street towards him, stalking its prey and crushing anything in its path. Tom wished it would hurry. He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he did recognise there was a good chance he would not survive the encounter should he pass out.

The gargoyle had seen him and charged forward. It leapt at him and he dodged, drawing his Blade Blaster ready. The gargoyle landed, its weight forcing the truck into the hole and the pool of gasoline. Tom fired a single shot and the fuel exploded, baking the creature in the intense heat. Tom fired continuously, chipping away at the now brittle monster until he hit the right place. The gargoyle crumbled.

Tom saw his work pay off as the gargoyle disintegrated, the toxic foam from its dying body extinguishing the flames that had taken its life. The street would need replacing and the surrounding buildings would be a mess, but nobody was hurt and the damage was minimal. He should have been pleased.

Pain caused him to keel over as the chemical he had absorbed into his body started to overcome his immune system. Even with the Power to enhance it he was fading fast. Remaining morphed was adding a further drain on his powers. He needed to enter standby mode to heal such extensive wounds.

“So, you survived my little pets did you Tommy?” Logran asked.

Tom turned towards the voice, only to be greeted by the evil Ranger’s fist. Logran seized the advantage and attacked his green opponent.

“What’s the matter Tommy, feeling a little ill?” he asked. “Those fumes you breathed, the chemical that burnt into your skin… it’s poison. Not fatal, but I promise you’ll be lucky if you survive the next hour. And when I’m done beating you to death, the others will still be powerless.”

“Just one little problem with… that,” Tom gasped as the grip tightend: “I’m…. not…. Tommy!”

“What?” Logran asked. That statement confused him. It had to be Tommy. Who else could wear the Green Ranger’s costume? “Who are you then?”

“Just … a…. clone,” Tom gasped. Breathing was becoming increasing difficult.

Logran let out a cry of anguish, realising he’d been distracted from his task. He should have been stopping the other Rangers from stealing their powers back. That meant they could have their powers again and that the whole battle against Tommy had been for nothing.

“No, I will destroy Angel Grove,” he hissed defiantly. “Goldar, Rito, attack!”

The giant sized aliens attacked, tearing through the buildings already damaged by Logran and his gargoyles.

“No…. can’t let you,” Tom managed. “Dragonzord, arise.”

A beam of green light shot into the air from Tom’s morpher, summoning forth the power of his Zord. Deep inside the Morphin Grid the Dragon heard his call and answered, once again infusing the cold metal shell with the spirit of the Dragon. Magic and machinery merged as the Dragonzord was activated one more time.

Tom’s flute sounded over Angel Grove as the musically coded commands were sent to his machine. And the Dragonzord emerged, the physical manifestation of the Green Dragon on Earth. Tom raised his hand in the direction of his Zord and teleported, knowing he would be unable to control the fight from outside. On this occasion he had to take manual control.

Dragonzord stomped towards Rito and Goldar; ready to punish them for the destruction they had caused.

“Tommy,” Goldar growled in greeting. “I never knew you had it in you.”

“I’m … not … Tommy,” Tom stated, his voice barely recognisable because he was breathing so hard.

The Zord turned, scraping its tail across Rito’s chest. Goldar caught the drill end as it started to spin, sparks flying from his armour. Tom moved the controls and the Zord fired its finger rockets, blasting Goldar to the ground. The Zord stumbled as it was hit from behind. Tom made it turn to reveal Scorpina in her mutant scorpion form, her tail wrapped around the Zord’s neck.

Goldar and Rito combined their fire; Dragonzord gave an electronic groan as it fell to the ground.

“Soon as we get there guys, call on the Megazords,” Tommy instructed.

They were in mid-teleport, so he never saw their nods, although he guessed correctly that they had heard him.

“Super Zeo Megazord power!”

Once complete the Megazord stood while Goldar, Rito and Scorpina tried to knock it down. Their attacks bounced away harmlessly. When it finally moved, its powerful fist almost crushed Rito with a single punch.

“This isn’t fair,” Goldar could be heard protesting.

“Then I’ll even the odds,” Logran told the golden monkey.

In a flash of black the he teleported aboard the Megazord, attacking the Rangers and throwing them from the cockpit. Rocky grabbed the invader before he could assume control of the battle machine and abandoned the Zords, knowing they would be sent back to its hiding place.

“So we’re back to where we were before,” Logran said casually. “Perhaps another contest with greater stakes. You win; I’ll give you Zedd’s prisoner. If you lose, I get possession of your powers and your lives.”

“How can we trust you?” Tommy asked, suspicion once again coming to the front of his emotions.

“You don’t have a choice,” Logran answered. “But I will offer you the same oath that Zedd gave you earlier.”

“Negative,” Billy interrupted as he teleported on the scene. “Swear an oath on the honour of Lord Zedd’s father that you will abide by these terms regardless of the outcome and that no harm will come to any Ranger during the battle unless they are fighting.”

“Very well,” Logran said and he repeated the oath Billy had chosen. “We will return to the quarry.”

“The battle starts now?” Billy asked.

“Yes,” Logran answered, unsure what Billy was up to.

“What about Tom?” Tommy asked.

“Oh yes, the Green Ranger,” Logran said. He turned and unleashed a ball of explosive energy. Dragonzord was bombarded with energy, pieces ripped from its shell covered the area until the Zord’s emergency system kicked in and the Zord vanished. “He served his purpose and distracted me so you could get your powers back, he won’t be missed.”

In columns of light the Rangers and Logran left for the quarry. This more than their powers were on the line.

Tom lay inside the remains of the Dragonzord, what was left of his life ebbing away as the Zord was transported back to its underwater resting spot. A short rest and the Zord would return, just as Tom’s Ranger powers were regenerating him. It had been a close call; he had known somehow that when he had followed Tommy into the present, he risked certain, but this experience was not what he had expected just how close to death he would come.

The poison had not affected him like it did most victims. He didn’t feel the pain or the gradual leeching of his life force. Instead the poison was attempting to break down the cloned cells in his body, reverting him to the magic from whence he came. Fortunately the Morphin Grid leant him additional resistance; he would live. There was no poison left in his body, it had been burnt off by his metabolism, and the damage though severe was reversible if he could reach medical help.

Slowly he lost consciousness, as the struggle left him exhausted. But before he did so he swore on his powers, his life and his soul that Logran would not be allowed to continue. As long as Logran lived, Tom would be there to stop him. “Please, let me survive this so I can keep my word.” Green light surrounded him as the Power moved to protect him from further harm. He had demorphed and held his Power Coin in one hand. In the other, he held the Wizard of Deception’s wand.

Tommy was losing again. Logran had not tired from recent events while the Rangers had just battled unmorphed to retrieve their powers. This time Tommy had hardly managed to land a blow and Logran was already on the point of victory. He grabbed the Rangers’ leader and turned to the onlookers.

“You will surrender your powers, now!”

“That wasn’t the deal,” Billy told him in response.

“Surrender your powers or Tommy here will die at my hand.”

At that point, two things happened: Logran cried out in pain. Smoke poured from the dark Ranger while Tommy stood straight, sword gripped firmly in his hand.

“Now it ends,” Tommy stated as Logran burst into flames, cursing at Billy and the Rangers.

“What happened to him?” Tanya asked.

“He didn’t take the oath seriously,” Billy answered.

Tommy leapt forward, his sword meeting Logran’s as he landed. The two warriors fought for a while as their blades met in a flash of energy. Logran was surprisingly skilled despite being on fire.

Then the Red Ranger saw an opening and in a repeat of a move he had made in their earlier battle, removed Logran’s sword arm and most of his shoulder. A spinning slash across the chest stopped abruptly when it hit something hard. Tommy drew back the blade and thrust forward, bringing the power of the Zeo Crystal to the battle.

There was an explosion of gold metal and Tommy was thrown backwards as the wicked Ranger’s uniform vanished, leaving Logran behind, his body covered with shards of gold. Flames were consuming his body, as he stood defiant. Then a pool of darkness opened around him, sucking the still screaming Logran inside.

Tommy stood victorious, raised his hand in triumph and promptly fainted.

“So when Logran threatened us without ending the match, he broke his oath… Logran was as good as gone,” Tommy said.

“Affirmative,” Billy answered. “Logran never understood the meaning of the oath he undertook. He thought he was swearing the oath on the father of Lord Zedd, a creature of chaos and wickedness without a strong sense of honour. But he forgot that Zedd as we know him has a mortal host and that host had a father.”

“That is correct Billy,” Zordon boomed. “Lord Zedd’s father was a noble king who created strong enchantments around his honour. Should anyone cause dishonour, he would in turn destroy him or her. When Logran failed to keep his oath, he broke that word of honour. The spell was quite specific: those who dishonour my name shall be bound in fire and removed from this world to one of eternal sorrow.”

“So what will you do now?” Tanya asked.

“I’ll use the wand to go back to Colonial Angel Grove,” Tom answered.

“Tommy will go with you and bring the Wizard’s wand back to this time,” Zordon offered.

Tom frowned and shook his head. “Sorry Zordon, but that wasn’t the deal. I go back to the past and then I’ll decide what to do with the wand.”

“I assure you…”

“You’ll what?” Tom demanded, “Lie to your own Rangers again? Hold the wand here in case you need me again? That’s not going to happen Zordon, I don’t belong here and I am not backup in case your team fails.”

“I cannot allow the wand to fall into the wrong hands,” Zordon pointed out.

“When I get home, the wand will be disposed of.”

Zordon sighed. He could not win this argument, no matter how hard he tried. And he knew that after all he had done to help, the Rangers would never attack Tom. In short, he had no choice but to agree.

“Very well Green Ranger,” he said. “May the Power protect you.”

Tom said very little as he teleported away.

Angel Grove Youth Center

It seemed strange to be in such a sombre mood in the middle of one of Ernie’s parties. But today the Rangers couldn’t bring themselves to smile. At least not yet. There was something they had to do first.

“To Tom Oliver,” Tommy said, raising his glass.

The others followed suit. Although they had gotten over the shock of his departure so soon after his return, they still felt guilty for putting him that position. This toast was their way of say goodbye, albeit they were drinking smoothies.

“Thanks Bro,” Tommy whispered.

The Moon

“How dare you return here?” Zedd boomed as the battered form of his mother-in-law teleported into his Chamber of Command.

“They beat him,” the woman wailed. “They defeated my wicked Logran. And before I had the chance to learn all of his secrets.”

And he had been carrying more than his fair share of secrets. Why just uncovering his true identity had been a shock. It had been that little titbit that had set her sights on Earth in the first place. And now Logran was gone. Dead.. or perhaps not. But certainly he was now beyond her reach.

Zedd wasn’t listening though. He had seen enough defeats to guess what had happened. But that didn’t matter to him. What did matter was that this woman had invaded his home, insulted him, dishonoured his father – not that he cared about that – and then had the audacity to come crawling back after such a humiliating defeat. Zedd was no fool. He knew she was feeling weak and vulnerable right now. She took full advantage of it.

“Get out of my palace!” he snarled, aiming his staff at the woman.

“You can’t,” she protested.

“I can and I am,” Zedd reasoned.

“Rita… please,” she begged, appealing to her daughter’s better nature. Rita didn’t have a better nature.

“Bye Mom,” Rita waved, cackling.

“Your father will hear of this,” she warned, but the only response was a double blast from Rita and Zedd’s magic as she was forcibly dumped on a planet on the far side of the galaxy.

“And now, where were we?” Zedd asked as the music started again. His wife giggled, replacing the rose in her mouth as they resumed their Tango.

Another place

He screamed in agony as the curse tore him apart one cell at a time. It was excruciating and had he been anybody else he would have succumbed in minutes. But he was Lord Logran and he would not allow a small curse to stop him.

Losing to the Rangers, especially a clone, had been embarrassing and he knew that whatever regard Monastra Repugna once held for him was gone. But it didn’t matter. He had gotten what he had wanted from the old witch and learned far more about magic than he could have learned from her daughter. And he would put that knowledge to use in the future as he continued to build his own empire.

For while he had been willing to play the role of consort, he knew that he was destined to rule. And that the next time he met Tommy Oliver and his damned clone, Logran would put an end to both of them. In the meantime he had his own affairs to attend to and a resistance to crush. Planets like Earth didn’t just conquer themselves.


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Clash of Honour

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers; they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.
Authors Note: This is an alternate universe from the television show with an alternate timeline.

Clash of Honour

The Moon, Prime Reality

Inside the lunar palace Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were engaging in the favourite marital activity: arguing: Lord Zedd was just about to strike out with a particularly nasty barb back when the palace started to shake.

“What is that?” Zedd demanded, not used to having his tirades interrupted before they were started.

In answer to his question there was a sudden burst of flame accompanied by a pleasant yet sickly smell. Smoke enveloped the area before lifting like curtains to reveal the new arrival. She was tall with long black hair, which trailed behind like a cloak with emerald strands showing. In some places the dying spell had yet to take place and the black looked decidedly grey. Her eyes were cold and conveyed very little as she looked around the room before her gaze settled on Rita and Zedd.

“So this is what happened to you,” she said after a short time, looking at Rita critically.

“Who is this woman?” Zedd demanded, pointing his staff at the intruder and ignoring his wife’s desperate warnings not to. "How dare you invade my domain!"

“Zeddy,” she squeaked, noting that Goldar and the rest of her former henchmen had decided to kneel. The clone had followed suit, deciding to play it safe and maybe live a while longer. “This is my mother, The Mistress Repugna.”

“Your mother?” Zedd asked, clearly confused before he growled. “Great, just what we need, a useless member of your family to leach off us.”

“How dare you? I am Monastra Repugna, Mistress of the Dark Cosmos and sworn enemy of all that is good,” Monastra announced proudly. Her cold eyes fixed on Zedd’s staff, which he now lowered. “And you’re the man, who married my beloved daughter,” she said thoughtfully, “I don’t think her father will approve. He prefers suitors with their own skull.”

“Daddy disowned you, you’re not even connected to him anymore,” Rita pointed out. "So it doesn’t matter what you say."

“Oh Rita, my poor ignorant daughter. How we could have neglected your education so much that you would even think to talk to your mother like this. Do you really think that your father disowning me means that our relationship has ended? Your father and I have been friends, lovers, enemies and so much more since before you were born. And for many years after you were born for that matter. Your father has things to me you would never believe, both good and bad. Why I remember the time he flayed me within an inch of my life and then set off an explosion, knowing it would kill me but lacking the desire to do the deed himself. And then after all that he got bored of whatever dregs he found to entertain himself and had me resurrected as something suitable to be his dark queen. That… creature, had a servant summon my spirit from the afterlife, shred it to remove any trace of decency and then used his magic to shape the darkness that remained into what you see before you. So don’t think for a moment that your father and I do not share a special connection. He wouldn’t let me escape him through death, why would him banishing me would make a difference?"

She laughed at the thought of the things he had allowed his servant to do to her to transform the noble being she had once been into the villain she had become. And she vowed not for the first time that one day she would show him how much she appreciated his efforts… by returning the favour.

"The truth is that while your father is an extraordinarily evil creature, he cannot be expected to give me his full attention while running an empire. And without him to entertain me, I grew bored of his court and decided I would travel and perhaps build a small empire of my own; a few centuries domination of the M-51 Galaxy can be so dull. We still speak of course and though our paths have taken us in different directions, he will Your father and I still speak though. One day he will tire of my absence and call me back to his side. And depending on my mood I will either return willingly… or we shall re-enact our courtship as he tries to force me. Would he succeed? I honestly don’t know; we’ve both had out little… changes. But you on the other hand have not changed. The least you could have done was to restyle your hair.”

“Enough!” Zedd boomed. “I don’t care about my wife’s imbecilic family. What are you doing here in my palace?”

“Oh I’m just passing by and thought I’d drop in on my favourite daughter,” Monastra responded. She continued, apparently ignoring Zedd’s tirade. “As I said, I’m planning on starting my own little empire in the far corner of this little Galaxy. You needed worry though, I’ll allow you to keep this planet, if you can ever conquer it that is.”

Zedd snorted, earning him a disapproving look. He seriously disliked this woman who had invaded his home without an invitation. He couldn’t stand the idea of relatives turning up and refusing to leave.

“So Rita, what have you been up since the last time I saw you?”

“She got trapped in a Dumpster,” Goldar blurted out, earning a sharp look from Monastra and a look of absolute hatred from Rita. He shied away from the first and returned the second with his own look of disgust.

“Quiet monkey brains,” Rita ordered. “I might have been put in a Dumpster, but I did trap Zordon.”

"Oh yes, I remember now," Monastra said with a touch of emotion showing. “I remember how proud I was when I heard the news that you had put an end to dear old Zordon. I was distracted at the time or I would have come to congratulate you in person. Afterwards the thought just slipped my mind… I’m not sure why." There was a pause before she shrugged and offered her daughter a rare smile. "Well done."

She owed Zordon so much for the kindness he had showed her before Master Vile had located her. And she had longed to show him just how much she appreciated his actions, as she cursed him into oblivion. But it seemed her daughter had gotten there first and that not only filled her with pride, but also caused her to ponder the horror on Zordon’s face when he realised the monster Rita had become.

"And now you are stuck here on this rock attacking some backward planet, why?”

“Zordon is down there,” Rita answered. "I thought I killed him, but he survived."

Internally she smiled at the look on her mother’s face. If they played this right, then maybe her mother would help them.

“Besides, Earth is not an easy planet to conquer,” Zedd interjected. He was keen to save face. “They have Power Rangers.”

“All planets worth conquering have Rangers of some sort,” Monastra answered. “Powered or not, the presence of a Ranger team is no excuse for incompetence. If you cannot handle things, step aside and someone else can deal with it.”

“You arrive here — in my palace — telling me how to deal with those Rangers?” Zedd was furious. “Putties, remove her.”

“Putties?” There was amusement in her voice as she asked. “You use Putties? Oh my, you really went all out to create your own forces Zedd,” she added sarcastically as she took in his poorly modified Z-Putties. “Please, tell me these are not your normal foot-soldiers.”

“Of course they’re not!” Zedd snapped. This woman knew she was annoying him and seemed to enjoy making him twitch angrily.

Still, he wasn’t angry enough to stop his Z-Putties from advancing on the wretched woman. Against Rangers they were practically useless, something Zedd had come to expect. However against a witch like Monastra, a woman not used to the trials of regular combat, he expected them to prove useful. They advanced on her while she watched with interest. Only when they pounced, did she act, turning to look at Rita.

“Didn’t you teach your husband that these Putties are little more than golems with a few spells to grant them limited intelligence?” she asked.

“I know that,” Zedd snorted as the first Z-Putty made contact with her arm. He had never really wanted to use Putties at all, but had been determined to prove that he could succeed with the resources Rita had been forced to rely upon.

“Then you should have foreseen the outcome,” she told him.

The first putty solidified as it touched her, the shell breaking down rapidly as it crumbled into dust. A second stepped towards her only to start bubbling rapidly as she forced it to boil.

“To the unskilled general, like my beloved daughter, these Putties are a useful resource. Loyal, numerous and ultimately expendable. Anybody can create a Putty given the right tools; Monster-matic, energy from a staff, it’s the same thing in the end. Both methods make equally inferior Putties.”

She reached down and scooped some of the molten clay that had been the second Super Putty. She closed her fist, squashing the clay into a deformed ball.

“Now a real witch who knows what she is doing can accomplish so much more. Rita learnt how to make Putties from her father, but he only learnt the skills in passing. Her brother lacked the skills to learn the arts of golem making altogether. I however, learnt from the best: my grandmother. Rita can use clay to make Putty Patrollers and perhaps the odd monster. In my hands, this clay can do anything. Watch…”

The rough ball bubbled into a perfect sphere, which came to life in her palm. It rolled to the ground and started to spin like a top. Suddenly, it jumped into the air and formed a giant blade, which severed one of the heads from the closest Z-Putties. When it landed, it leaped again, although this time it nearly split in two. Two smaller balls formed with blades of their own, joined by a very fine fibre of material connecting the two. Two more Putties were cut in half by the smaller spheres, and then the balls spun around each other, hitting some more. After reforming quickly, the ball then threw a projectile about the size of a golf ball, at incredible speeds at dense group of the Z-Putties, striking the “z” spot with ease. Several were destroyed in this way as the projectile ricocheted around, and Monastra seemed to smile ever more gleefully as the sphere mercilessly slaughtered the few remaining foot soldiers.

As she turned her hand, the ball reformed back into a perfect sphere and calmly rolled back to her waiting palm. Around her she could sense Rita and Zedd’s unease at the power she had displayed. Although it took all her willpower not to show the effect such a display of power had on her. Magic was exhausting, creating golems even more so. Still it had probably made Zedd aware that she was not to be fooled with.

Rita looked over the crumbled remains of the Z-Putties wondering why she had never learnt to use her skills to this level. With that sort of power, her battles against Zordon would have turned out far differently.

“Mistress Repugna!” a cheerful voice called as Scorpina entered the chamber, skilfully avoiding the kneeling henchmen until she was level with the female villain. She bowed, the smile never leaving her face.

“Scorpina dear,” Monastra greeted as a genuine smile appeared on her face. “If I had known you were here I would have visited before.”

Mistress Repugna had always had a soft spot for Scorpina. In fact of all her daughter’s so-called servants, Scorpina was the only one she would attempt to start a real conversation with. Scorpina was a fine warrior and although never trained in magic, a skill Monastra believed could have benefited the female Edenite, she was underhanded, deceptive, cruel… all the things a good warrior should be.

“I must admit that with you on her side, I am surprised Rita has taken so long to conquer this little world.” She emphasised the word little, not believing that Earth was a worthy target. After all, its population was primitive and weak. As slave labour they would be useless. As far as materials went there was very little of value to be found on Earth, at least to a powerful witch like herself.

“She has been as useless as the rest of these fools,” Zedd complained.

“And how often has she been allowed to act alone?”

“Once,” Goldar answered, “and she failed, just like Rita did.”

“And how many were you allowed to try Goldar?” she asked, displeased by the underling’s continued interruptions. In hear mind servants should be seen and not heard until invited.

“If… if you please Mistress Repugna,” Finster managed. “We have all been unlucky.”

“Ah yes, Finster,” Monastra drawled. “Ever the practical one. How are your monsters?”

“Not good my lady,” Finster answered honestly. “The Power Rangers have an extraordinary amount of luck when it comes to my creations.”

“I see. That is to be expected. You are an artist Finster, a creator of beautifully monstrous beings. As a monster maker you far surpass my skills. But you were not born a conqueror. Your monsters, like you, lack the desire to triumph, not the skill. And Squatt and Baboo, how are my favourite potion maker and warlock?”

“Hey, great to see you,” Baboo greeted.

Monastra sighed. “I suppose even the best villains have to endure incompetence at some point. In your case Rita, it would seem to be since your release. Or perhaps” she looked at Zedd, “perhaps I should say since your marriage.”

“If you think you can do a better job be my guest,” Zedd snapped and immediately regretted his words. He disliked this woman and wanted her gone as quickly as possible. Now because of his big mouth he had practically invited her to move in.

“Sorry Zedd," she said quietly, flashing him a brilliant smile. "I have better things to do than sort out my daughter’s mess. I’m sure the two of you can work something out if you put you heads together… Then again, I’m sure my new prince would love the opportunity to test his skills and prove his worth."

And as she spoke, her newest lover appeared. His features were hidden by a dark green cloak, but Rita could sense that he had power.

"But of course, my Queen," he said, his voice sounding strangely familiar. And the two shared a deep kiss that caused Rita to look away.

Lord Zedd scowled as he watched the display, certain that the pair were doing only to aggravate him. By now he was convinced that the Mistress Repugna was special. She had certainly set a new record with him. Usually Zedd didn’t make up his mind until he met someone for the third or fourth time. But Rita’s mother was different because although he had only known her for a few minutes, Zedd thoroughly loathed the old witch.

“I fail to see how those Rangers could have defeated you so often,” she announced crossly. The left side of her face twitched she attempted to sneer at her son-in-law. With her magically altered face though it looked more like she was winking at him. Zedd recoiled in disgust; Mistress Repugna was old enough to be his grandmother. She ignored his reaction and continued. “Powered or not they are still humans. You have the power to destroy this planet, you have more monsters than is healthy and regardless of how you act, you seem to be a powerful wizard… for a halfwit. With the right plan, Zedd, you have everything you need to ensure victory.”

“Then why does he keep on failing?” Rita whined.

“Some are born to be great villains Rita,” she said. “Some are born to be losers. Sadly you married the wrong sort.”

“Why you…”

“Quiet Zeddy, getting worked up will not help,” Rita crooned.

“No, if I do all the work for you, you’ll never learn,” Mistress Repugna said, sliding her hands over her lover’s chest. “I’ll tell you what. If by the time I visit you have thought up a sufficiently evil scheme, I’ll lend you my little killing machine here to carry it out. If not… I might just have to try running things myself just to show how it is done. Have fun kids.” She disappeared in a column of flame, resuming her search for her brother. Her lover seemed to look around for a bit before the flames reappeared and a very feminine hand dragged him away by the neck.

“Well, what did she give you?” Zedd asked while looking at the box Monastra had thrown to his wife.

“Us Zeddy, she gave it to us,” Rita corrected nervously. In her palm she held a small box, which opened to reveal a figurine of a silver cat.

Zedd snorted in disgust and turned his attention back to ensuring that the wretched woman had left the Moon and was not lurking nearby. He was relieved to discover that she was gone and had apparently taken Scorpina with her. Neither woman would be missed in a hurry.

Meanwhile Rita was looking at the figurine with great interest. The silvery object had given her a new plan, one that would take time to come to fruition. She would need to find a suitable candidate and a spell. But then with luck she would have the means to draw all the Power Rangers into a trap. Especially that pesky traitor Tommy.

The Moon,
Months Later

It had been a busy time for Rita and Zedd. And while they could not claim to have achieved complete or even near victory, they had certainly not lost the war. In all fairness they had been on the brink of conquering Earth when the Machine Empire had arrived and evicted them. Now with Mondo gone it was their chance to retake control.

In the time before they had fled the Moon, they had been close to victory. True, the Power Rangers had managed to steal the Shogun Zords away from Rita and rescued Kimberly Hart despite Zedd’s plan to use her as a hostage, but they had not won the war. Zedd still had held the Falcon Zord that Katherine had captured for weeks because they were designed to act as a united force, he had incapacitated the collective Ninja Zords. As an added plus, they had managed to capture the great Ninjor and had used him to further their plans. That miserable maker of power coins had soon started to wish that he had stayed inside his temple.

His favourite memory of that period would always be his confrontation with Tommy. Though he had lost, he had still managed to outfight the famous Tommy Oliver. The boy had been inches away from death and had it not been for that blasted magical sword, Zedd would have emerged the victor. Still, that fight had been worthwhile and months after the event he planned to put the knowledge he had gained to use. He had already enjoyed Rita’s appreciation of his talents. His wife was quite the little dynamo when given the right inspiration.


Lord Zedd and his forces were celebrating. Not only had the Rangers been beaten, they were about to be humiliated in front of all those they had sworn to protect. At long last Tommy would be working for him, as he should have been all along. Who would have thought that a simple coin, the very source of the Rangers’ powers could bring them to their knees?

“Three cheers for Lord Zedd!” Goldar cried.

Zedd pretended to acknowledge the cheer; in truth he had little respect for Goldar. He wished that the gold armoured monkey would stop creeping and start fighting like the fierce warrior the titan had once been. Still he laughed, gloating over the defeat of his enemies.

“I’d better check on those Rangers,” he muttered. Their surrender had been a little bit too fast for his liking. “What? They’re trying to rescue Kimberly! Tengas, destroy them!"

Tommy appeared in the cave where Kimberly had been left, strapped helplessly to a table. The rotation made it difficult for him to see if she was moving. He hoped she was; they stood a better chance of escape if she could move on her own. If Zedd had immobilised her with magic, escape could prove impossible.

“Hold on Kim,” he said as he swiftly crossed the cave. “I’m getting you out of here.”

“Wrong, White Ranger.”

Tommy turned, knowing full well what he would find waiting for him. Lord Zedd in all his evil glory held his staff at the ready and Tommy’s confidence plummeted further. Few Rangers had faced Lord Zedd in one-on-one combat and lived to tell about it. Zedd’s introduction to the Power Rangers of Earth had almost ended with their deaths, and would have seen Tommy destroyed had it not been for an emergency teleport. Zordon had revealed in the days following Zedd’s arrival that the villain was more than capable of fighting his own battles and had been responsible for the deaths of many of Zordon’s allies. Tommy often wondered why Zedd didn’t take matters into his own hands, especially given Goldar’s record.

“You dare to double-cross me? For that you, and your precious Pink Princess will perish…together.”

Zedd’s laughter filled the cave. Tommy frowned. He had only a short time before the portal closed again. Fighting with Zedd was not something he had planned on, but it was now necessary. He would need to make it quick and hope that the Power would indeed protect him… this time.

“Back off, Zedd. I’m getting Kimberly outta here. It’s Morphin Time!” He was surprised that Zedd hadn’t tried to stop him. It would have been very easy to unleash an energy blast before the White Ranger had finished his transformation. But instead Zedd remained silent, waiting for his challenger. It was one of those strange things about Lord Zedd that as evil as he chose to be, he had some twisted sense of honour. “Okay, Zedd, I’m ready for you.”

Zedd laughed mockingly. “I’m far more powerful than you can ever handle, White Ranger.”

Tommy gulped. He had a feeling that Zedd was speaking the truth. Outwardly though he tried to portray a confident appearance. “Well, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we. Hiya!”

“Is that really necessary?” Zedd inquired. “Here I’ll do some: whoa, whoa, come and get me.”

Tommy realised by the third blow that Zedd was as dangerous as he had been during their first confrontation. Without dropping his staff, the dark master had effectively blocked his first two punches. If anything Zedd’s staff was an extension of his body, showing a degree of competency that could only have been achieved through regular practice and hours of training.

Zedd went on the offensive for a short time; showing that whoever had taught him to use the weapon had drummed into him the importance of using the whole weapon. Zedd’s attack used the length of the staff, the edge and points of the razor sharp ‘z’ at the top of his staff, and the rounded butt of the staff. Tommy was forced to dodge most of the blows since blocking them risked breaking a bone.

As the staff hooked towards his right knee, Tommy sidestepped and moved in close. He attempted a punch, but Zedd anticipated the move and caught the White Ranger’s fist. With a firm shove he threw Tommy backwards.

“Ah, you missed me,” Zedd taunted. He tried to drive the staff into Tommy’s mid-section; something Tommy was easily able to avoid.

“Is that the best you can do?” Tommy asked, sensing that Zedd was getting angry.

“You’re going to be sorry you said that,” Zedd growled in response. Energy shot from the end of his staff and enveloped the surprised human. With a jerk of the staff, the White Ranger was sent hurtling from side to side, bouncing painfully off the walls as he went. Then Zedd pointed at the ground and Tommy was deposited in front of him as Zedd sent a shockwave of black electricity into his opponent.

Tommy was desperate and flailed wildly as he tried to take Zedd by surprise, but his clumsy attack was easily blocked and countered.

“At last White Ranger, you will appreciate just how powerful I am. Such a shame it will be the last thing you learn. But just wait until I tell your pink friend how much courage you had at the end.”

Zedd fired his staff at Tommy, which causes him to writhe painfully on the floor.

“It … it doesn’t matter what happens to me, Zedd. Kimberly and I may not get out of here, but you’ll never be allowed to win.”

“Brave words, White Ranger, but alas… just words.” Zedd lifted his staff for another blast.

Tommy knew he had to move. If he was caught again, the chances were that he would not escape with his own life, let alone Kimberly’s. He rolled as the tip of Zedd’s staff glowed and continued to move. He ducked each blast, desperately trying to lead Zedd on without endangering his girlfriend. ‘This is it,’ Tommy thought as he finally moved into position. Zedd fired and Tommy once again moved aside, this time exposing the controls that held Kimberly in place. He smiled under his helmet as they exploded and Zordon teleported the Pink Ranger to safety. Now whatever happened, his fellow Power Rangers would not be forced to pilot Zedd’s ancient machines.

“This is over Zedd,” Tommy stated, drawing Saba ready for action, using the blade to deflect another one of Zedd’s blasts.

Zedd snorted and attacked, disarming Tommy with a decisive swipe of his staff. More energy drove the White Ranger to his knees as he prepared to deliver the finishing blow.

But Zedd had forgotten that Saba was not a normal sword. He had been enchanted to aid the White Ranger in combat and had gained some abilities of his own in the process. When he had been sent flying away, Saba had levitated him into a position where he could help and had waited for the opportunity. Then faced with Tommy dying if he didn’t act, the sword had sailed through the air, hoping to destroy Zedd in the process.

Zedd heard the sword approach and twisted rapidly. His staff was in position to block before Saba could change course. However Zedd’s staff could not withstand the touch of the enchanted blade and was transfigured into a snake before Zedd could argue.

Tommy remained on the floor, dazed from the blows he had taken and terrified by the man who had come so close to killing him. He raised his hand to intercept Saba and teleported away, leaving Rita and Zedd to rant about losing their bargaining chip. Regardless of who had won or lost that battle, Tommy had found a new level of respect for Zedd. While Goldar had grown easier to defeat in combat over time, Zedd was as dangerous as ever and despite his reliance on magic; he was a capable combatant with a weapon.


Zedd walked into the lower levels of the motor home he had acquired as a temporary headquarters and enchanted so it was linked to a limitless number of pocket dimensions, searching for Rito and Goldar. When he found them, he groaned to himself. He was the supposed conqueror of Earth and his two most powerful warriors were morons.

“Did you watch the battle?” he asked, not waiting for pleasantries. There had been a monster attack earlier that day by what was left of the Machine Empire, and the Rangers had triumphed yet again. But this time Zedd had kept a close eye on the fighting hoping to glean some vital information from the Rangers’ triumph and the machines’ failure. The chamber’s occupants nodded. “What did you learn?”

In between the meaningless banter of Goldar and Rito, Zedd was pleased to learn that somebody had been paying attention.

“The time has come to crush those humans,” he said. “And with the fate of their world on the line, I doubt those pesky brats will be able to ignore my offer.”


“Hold him still you fools,” Zedd yelled as he watched Rito land on his back yet again, while Goldar could only moan from his place on the back of this bucking bronco.

Rita watched from the sidelines, feeling a mixture of glee at her husband’s inability to perform even the simplest of tasks and anxiety that their prisoner was about to escape.

“We’re trying Ed,” Rito protested.

“That’s Zedd, you fool. My name is Lord Zedd!”

“Lord Zedd, got it. Sure thing Ed.”

“You’ll never hold me, you villains,” Ninjor proclaimed as he wriggled free of Goldar’s grip only to be set upon by Putties. “I have the power of good on my side. For I am Ninja.”

This made Rita Repulsa even more irritated; furious would be a better word to explain her mood as she saw yet another scheme about to fail. But this time the plan would flop before it had a chance to get started. For their scheme to stand a chance they needed the coin smith to work for them and that meant he had to remain their captive.

“Hurry up and get those bracelets on him,” she snapped at her husband, brother and anyone else who would listen. “Move it, monkey boy!”

Goldar glared at her, baring his teeth in an attempt to look threatening. It didn’t work, Goldar seemed impressive and awe inspiring when you first met him, but after ten thousand years in a Dumpster, he was next to useless.

She decided she would have to act personally if she wanted to avoid losing this most important pawn in her plan. But first she would need to distract Ninjor.

“Well, it’s been a long time, are you ready Baboo?”

Rita frowned, she didn’t remember telling Squatt and Baboo to join in. ‘just what I needed: two more imbeciles in the mix.’


Rita watched in stunned silence as Baboo launched himself through the air, claws outstretched. Ninjor stiff-armed and blocked Baboo’s attack while throwing Rito aside, but didn’t notice Squatt hurling himself like a living cannonball right into his chest. Ninjor struggled to stay on his feet only to be grabbed from behind by Rito and a growling Goldar. Ninjor hooked his leg behind Rito’s knee sending both Goldar and Rito to the ground. He quickly found his balance and tried to draw his sword.

Baboo and Squatt were not as dumb as they looked though and knew what came next. Not wasting any time Baboo got to his feet and kicked Ninjor in the back of the knees, forcing him into a backwards roll as Rita and Zedd’s foot soldiers piled onto the suddenly prone Ninja master.

“Now!” Zedd boomed, aiming his staff at the fallen coin smith.

Rita followed suit, conjuring the power binding bracelets into place around Ninjor’s forearms, filling them with her own dark energy. As she ceased her assault she looked to where her husband was casting the next portion of the spell. Chains of energy linked the bracelets while Goldar and Rito snapped heavier chains wrought of Cold Iron into place as an additional safeguard.

“We did it,” Zedd told her as the chains repelled his attack. He gestured to the Tengas and they hauled Ninjor back to his feet. “Not so eager to fight now, are you Ninjor?” he sneered.

It was pathetic in some ways to see the might Ninjor brought to his knees so easily. But there again, Ninjor had been resisting Rita and Zedd since he had been captured. In that time he had exhausted himself beyond his physical limitations and had been drawing heavily from the Morphin Grid to renew his energy. With the Cold Iron in place and the power binders blocking his Ninja talents, he was just a normal man in armour, armour that now weighed heavily on his unpowered shoulders.

“Maybe I should get Finster to build me a can opener,” Zedd quipped as he ran the tip of his staff over the Ninja master’s armour, producing only a small number of sparks and a significant cut in the metal plating.

“Brilliant Zeddy,” Rita cried as she joined her husband. “Now we can use him in our plans without the risk of him escaping.”

“I will never help you villains,” Ninjor said defiantly.

“You won’t have a choice,” Zedd answered.

“Brilliant!” Goldar proclaimed. Rita shot him a look and he shut up.

Angel Grove

“And here we have a statement from a witness who claims to have seen the stranger just appear from nowhere,” the tour guide toned as she pointed to a stone statue, which despite the damage caused by pollution and Angel Grove’s weather patterns, had survived the last century or two.

And it is said the stranger did emerge from the heavens
Bearing little more than the clothes ‘pon his back
And as his companion in white returned to the swirling gateway
Ne’er again to return
Did he decree: “Aw man.”

Tommy smiled as he read the words carved into the base of the stone statue of a very familiar figure. The statue had been a mystery to local historians, who wondered what the colonists had seen that day. Only in recent years had it been suggested that perhaps, just perhaps they had been talking about a Power Ranger.

“There are very few hints about whom this figure is or how he was significant to Angel Grove. Remember that this was a British colony in an area the Spanish had already claimed. Tensions were high for many years and at some points it appeared likely that either the foreign or native colonies would wipe out the colony. It is likely that this tribute is to one of the many people who worked tirelessly to bring about a peaceful outcome to such negotiations.”

Tommy knew and from the looks on his friends faces, they were also well aware of whom that statue represented. It was Tom Oliver, the clone Rita and Zedd had created from a lock of his hair. The same clone that had chosen to remain in Colonial Angel Grove rather than risk disrupting the Morphin Grid. Tommy had personally left the clone in the past, using the Wizard of Deception’s wand to return to the present, convincing himself that in doing so he had left behind the darkness within his soul.

The day Tommy had said goodbye to Tom had been the day the Green Ranger had vanished. Not only had the Evil Green Ranger had been laid to rest that day, the other Green Ranger had disappeared from Tommy’s life as well. He wasn’t sure which he hated more, the personification of the evil within him or the reminder of just how weak and useless he had been without his dark side in control; the good guy Green Ranger had been a pathetic joke.

But in recent times Tommy had found himself wondering whether dissociating himself with those incarnations of his personality had been wise. Near death experiences have a way of grabbing people’s attention and the battle between himself and Zedd a few weeks back had been a real eye opener.

That was what the Green Ranger represented. It was cautious, thoughtful, and slow to anger; it didn’t rush headlong into a situation and then improvise a way out. The Green Ranger didn’t strike head on. He used strategy. Even while he had been under Rita’s spell Tommy had felt the need to plan his next move, relying on cooperation with Rita to ensure that the plan continued as desired.

As White Ranger though Tommy had been keen to distance himself from both the good and the evil Green Rangers. He wanted the White Ranger to represent power and purity, not weakness or worse, evil. This had continued over the course of his time as the White Ranger. Cooperation had been thrown out of the window as the need to prove himself had surfaced again and again. He was aware of it, so were the others. He remembered Rocky once remarking that they could all retire and let Tommy handle things.

Then Rito had arrived and Tommy had received a wake-up call. The powers that evil could not take had been stolen away by his own stupidity. It had been a sobering moment to stand in Angel Grove surrounded by the remains of the Thunderzords.

But the real shock had washed away all Tommy’s illusions of invulnerability. When he had faced Lord Zedd alone, he had realised just how deluded he had become. Zedd had taken everything Tommy could throw at him and had kept coming. His staff had almost shredded Tommy’s uniform. Had it not been for Saba, Tommy might have died. That event while not fatal had led Tommy to rethink his approach to battle. And now as Red Zeo, he had been able to control himself to a greater degree, but the urge to charge recklessly was still there. He was just better at suppressing his urges.

The truth of the matter was that Tommy’s recklessness had been a facade to hide his fear. His days as the near powerless Green Ranger had been torture for him as Zedd had singled him out time and again. At first it had been an attempt to erase what Zedd saw as Rita’s greatest mistake, but over time he had seen the benefit of having Tommy as an ally. From then onwards the attacks had become even more personal as Zedd had made it clear that the only power Tommy would be allowed was power granted to him in the service of Lord Zedd.

He shook his head, not wanting Zedd to ruin his day. At the moment, everything was going well for Tommy. Kimberly had left and he missed her, but they had gained Katherine and he had discovered his brother. All that and Jason was back.

“Now, if you’ll all follow me, we can continue this tour.” The silky voice of the tour guide interrupted his thoughts, or maybe it was the sharp nudge Tanya gave him.

“Tommy, are you okay?” Kat asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said. “Just distracted.”

“I believe you might find it beneficial to discuss your problems,” Billy said.

Tommy chuckled. “It’s nothing guys, I was just wondering what happened to Tom?”

The others were silent; unable to give their friend the answer he sought. The friends continued their tour; each distracted from what should have been an enjoyable day.

Cranston residence

Professor David Cranston crossed the study and parted the heavy drapes to reveal a clear crisp night sky filled with multitude of twinkling stars. He thoroughly enjoyed evenings like this — as long as he was indoors. The fireplace contained a few quietly burning logs that filled the room with warmth as well a golden glow that always had such a relaxing effect on him. The house had taken years of work to get to the point where he felt it was perfect for both himself and his son, Billy. The perfect environment to sit and enjoy a new book that he had recently purchased; the background material for the project his wife was undertaking in Oregon.

He placed his hand on the windowpane, which revealed something else about this evening, it was extremely cold — unusually so. Angel Grove did not suffer from abnormally cold weather even in the heart of winter — in spring such conditions were almost unheard of. Of course nothing in Angel Grove could be described as normal anymore. Since the Power Rangers first arrived on the scene, life in Angel Grove had taken a definite turn for the bizarre.

As he glanced across the great lawn of his detached residence, he noticed a thin cloud of smoke rising from just behind the shrubs marking the property’s boundary. He quickly looked down see that it was not smoke at all but steam that was coming off some late night joggers.

He closed the drapes and left them to their exercise, it made him cold just to watch. He was glad that Billy was sensible enough to exercise indoors when the weather turned chilly. He was also glad that his son had friends who ensured that he was active instead of sitting in the garage all day. It not for his friendship with Jason and the others, David wondered how his son might have turned out.

Out of instinct he walked into the hall and looked at the distribution board. No real surprise there. Billy was home and downstairs in the garage, working on some new project. What he was working on David didn’t know, but he was sure that if Billy was involved he would find it truly remarkable. He had a very remarkable son; how else could you describe a boy who had visited another planet?

Rocky DeSantos burst into the Cranstons’ garage, a copy of ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ in one hand and a large jelly sandwich in the other. He gave a short nod to the room’s only other occupant before flopping down on the battered sofa in to back corner.

Billy raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. No doubt Rocky would say what he wanted when he was done reading, dozing or eating. Whichever it was he was doing at that point in time. At one time Rocky’s antics would have annoyed the Power Rangers’ resident genius, but just like Tanya’s awkwardness and Adam’s long periods of silence, Rocky’s exuberance had grown on him.

Billy continued his work and didn’t appear to notice that Rocky had even entered the room. Not the result the Red Ranger had been seeking.

“So that’s how it’s going to be Billy. I am not going away until you say yes.”

“You have yet to pose a question,” Billy mumbled, his head deep inside a strange box of assorted wires.

“Oh so there is someone alive in there,” Rocky laughed. “Let me cut to the chase. Tommy Adam and me are heading down to the beach tomorrow for a day out. We need four people to play beach volleyball and you are cordially invited.”

“I have too much work to accomplish this weekend, Rocky,” Billy said without glancing up. “I have to realign the vertical lift on Zeo Zord I and determine a way to integrate the Super Zeo and Zeo Megazords so they can work in unison.” He paused for thought. “Another time perhaps?”

“Bull!” Rocky exclaimed. “We’re not stupid Billy. We all know what’s going on, whom you’re avoiding. We’re a team Billy, you need to get these things out, discuss them and at least make it so you can be in the same room as…”

“I am well aware of your concerns. I assure you my personal issues will not affect the cohesive functioning of the team.”

Though he spoke the words quietly, it was easy for Rocky to hear the venom behind each syllable. That was not good, Billy was more upset than he was letting on and Rocky was unsure about how to help him.

“I’m sorry Billy,” Rocky said quietly. “I just thought that you needed a break,” he went on nervously. “We’ve all had a busy time of it lately and now that Mondo is gone… I just think you should take some time out while you can, look at what happened to Kim when she overworked herself.”

Billy sighed. “Rocky, please forgive me and accept my sincerest apology,” his voice already tinged with regret. “My frustration level with all my ineffectual attempts to replace Pyramidas has reached an all-time high. Everything I’ve tried has been a dismal failure. My anger has nothing to do with you and is inexcusable.” A small smile crossed his face as he added: “Nor is any other member of the team responsible for my mood. Perhaps some beach volleyball would make an interesting diversion. It would be beneficial to forget about Machina and Sprocket, Rita and Zedd for a short time.”

“Then I am sorry to disappoint you.”

The chillingly familiar voice startled both Billy and Rocky. They spun around and were horrified to see Lord Zedd step out of the shadows of the garage, where he had been watching them for some time, enjoying the small signs of dissension amongst the team. As the seconds ticked by, Rocky overcame his initial shock and his training took over. He began to move while simultaneously summoning his Zeonisers into the ready position. Tommy and Jason had constantly drilled it into Rocky, Adam and Tanya after the power transfer to never present an opponent with a stationary target, move immediately. Even seasoned fighters often ignored this seemingly obvious bit of advice. Jason had once told Rocky as a piece of parting advice that it was the very first few seconds that almost invariably determined the outcome of any fight.

With just a casual wave of his staff, Zedd enveloped Rocky in a faintly glowing pink sphere, which literally froze him in place. Rocky was conscious but unable to move. His mouth was frozen in the middle of calling on his power. The ease in which Rocky was rendered harmless actually stopped Billy in mid-stride from triggering the alarm he had installed after giving up the role of an active Ranger. What also stopped him was the impassive manner with which Zedd now greeted them.

“Enough! I assure you, I mean you no harm, yet. All I am here for is to deliver a message, a challenge if you will. And since I cannot just appear in the park and read a declaration, I decided a captive audience would prove beneficial.” Zedd delivered this seemingly benign little speech with his hands folded innocuously in front of him; staff leaning casually against his shoulder, attempting to dilute the natural menace he exuded.

Although Billy, like many of the other Power Rangers, had an almost intrinsic fear of Zedd – the Emperor of the Dark Galaxy had seemed unstoppable during the early days of his attempts to conquer the Earth and had practically defeated the Power Rangers single-handedly-, Zedd’s logic did not escape him. It would have been easy for him to have destroyed both the Blue Zeo Ranger and Billy before they could react.

Billy shuddered. Yes, perhaps their greatest and most insidious enemy had somehow easily bypassed the protective scans Zordon maintained on all the Rangers’ homes, possibly the most advanced security system on the planet, and was standing in the middle of his garage completely unhampered, currently free to wreak havoc and do as he pleased, but he had not done so, yet.

If recent events had shown anything, it was that the Rangers had more reason to fear Zedd than ever. When Tommy had gone to retrieve Kimberly from captivity, he had been lucky to escape with his life. Zedd had nearly killed him that day. Tommy hadn’t been quite so cocky since that incident.

The subtle change in Billy’s demeanour as he recalled the events Tommy had described did not go unnoticed by Zedd. “Your comrades have no idea that I am here so no one will be coming to your aid, nor will you require any. I will deliver my challenge and then leave you and your friends to discuss it.”

“Release Rocky as a show of good faith and I will hear your challenge,” Billy demanded with as much false bravado as he could muster stalling for time.

“Obtain his promise that he will not attempt to attack me, what little good it would do, and he will be released. But rest assured, should he break his promise, I will employ the same spell I have just demonstrated in tandem, and your friend will find his head and abdomen in two vastly different locations.” Rocky understood that this was no idle threat especially when Zedd punctuated his remark with an intimidating stare.

“As long as you don’t try to harm us, I won’t do a thing” Rocky managed to croak trying to sound as confident as possible considering his situation, but was unable to meet Zedd’s gaze. No doubt the Blue Zeo Ranger would be experiencing plenty of nightmares over this turn of events.

“Then we are in agreement and can converse in a civilised manner.” The pink sphere surrounding Rocky disappeared and he was able to move again.

Unhurried, Zedd slowly approached Billy, his gait a mixture of grace and strength, innate confidence and power oozing with every step. Billy had to consciously fight back the urge to run and managed to hold his ground, quoting equations to steady his nerves. Zedd towered over Billy, his terrifying visage now within a few feet of his own face. His elaborate costume, if one could call it a costume, with metal piping seeming to hold the otherwise formless flesh in place.

“State your challenge,” Billy said.

“A simple contest of solo combat,” Zedd replied. “One of your Power Rangers versus a combatant of my choosing. When my champion wins you will surrender your powers and Zords to me and they will then be dealt with as I see fit. Should your candidate triumph, I will release the Ranger that Rita and I captured during our time away from Earth and then leave this galaxy forever. Should you not accept the challenge: I will leave here peacefully and you will witness the death of a fellow Ranger knowing that you refused a chance to at least try to prevent his death."

“How can we trust you?” Rocky asked. “I haven’t heard of any kidnapped Rangers and besides… you could just snatch him away again regardless of the outcome.”

“And here you see the reason why I approached Billy and not your esteemed leader,” Zedd answered, unaffected by Rocky’s question. “Had I approached Tommy with my challenge he would have dismissed it outright. Rocky at least offers me the chance to prove I am genuine. Now, what about you Billy?”

“You obviously have some method of reassuring me that your intentions are honourable,” Billy said after some thought. "Otherwise you would not have offered."

“I will prepare a container for the prize and arrange to teleport it into the possession of Zordon if your combatant wins and remove them to the Moon should my champion triumph. I will surrender control of the container until a victor is declared, on the condition that no attempt is made to open it. Of course Zordon is welcome to check the spell is in place. He will be familiar with it.”

Billy’s eyes widened, recalling historical accounts of such battles. Once initiated neither party could meddle with the prize unless they won. He found himself automatically nodding and Rocky was looking at him in shock.

“Do you swear on the power of the Morphin Grid that you will honour the outcome of this challenge should the Rangers accept regardless of whether it turns out in your favour?”

“I will,” Zedd answered, shaking Billy’s hand.

“Billy?” Rocky asked, clearly confused.

“Later,” Billy told him.

“I will need to speak with Zordon and the other regarding your offer,” Billy told the chrome-lined tyrant.

“Very well, you have until tomorrow to decide. After that I will dispose of the prize in any way I see fit.”

Billy nodded and Zedd promptly vanished, leaving two shaken teenagers wondering just when he had stopped trying to kill them.

“We need to speak to Zordon,” Billy said after a while. Both boys had flopped down onto the sofa when Zedd had vanished, relief temporarily causing them to forget what had occurred.

Rocky nodded absently, still unsettled at the ease with which Zedd had neutralised them. Was this a new power on the part of the villain, or had he been toying with them all that time before the Machine Empire had shown up? Rocky couldn’t be sure, but the caution the older Rangers had always shown when Zedd was around made him think that perhaps he had taken the villain lightly.

“Come on,” Billy smiled encouragingly, noting the way his friend’s hand shook briefly.

In twin columns of blue and white light they were gone.

The next morning found Billy Cranston in the Command Center adjusting the communication console to transmit directly to the Moon. The discussion the night before had been heated with Tommy insisting they could not trust Zedd and even going as far as suggesting they use the opportunity to double-cross Zedd.

Billy shook his head, realising that Tommy would never understand why Zedd could be trusted. Billy had tried to talk him around, but Tommy was convinced it was a trap.

But then Adam had intervened. While Billy and Tommy could argue all day about the best way to approach the problem, Adam was quick to point out that Zedd was not the main point of concern. A life was on the line and if they didn’t accept the challenge, Zedd’s prisoner would be executed. They really didn’t have a choice.

That decided the whole team had discussed their best chance for victory. Of course Tommy had elected himself as their champion and had been quick to start discussing contingency plans for when he won. Billy had managed to bite back the remark about if he lost; Tommy could be an annoyance sometimes.

“It would help if we knew who Zedd had chosen,” Tanya had said.

Ever the practical one, her comments had made sense and led to speculation.

“As long as it’s not Rito Revolto,” Kat had joked. “I mean, ew, he stinks!”

That had caused the Rangers some amusement. In the end though it had seemed logical that Zedd would choose either Rito or Goldar. Zordon had pointed out that Zedd would no doubt attempt to strengthen his champion with a super strength potion of some type.

“I am sending the message now Zordon,” Billy said.

“Very well Billy,” Zordon replied.

Billy pressed the buttons and the deed was done. Now battle could commence.

Angel Grove Quarry

The Rangers appeared in columns of light shortly before their villainous opponents. Zedd and Rita were easy to recognise, Goldar and Rito likewise stood to one side.

Baboo, Squatt and Finster could be seen in the background. Finster looked slightly miffed at the idea of having to play the role of cheerleader yet again. Baboo and Squatt on the other hand seemed delighted with their new roles and actively waves their pom-poms around.

“I guess Rita brought the whole gang,” Rocky commented.

Billy didn’t answer though; his eyes were fixed on the two figures standing to one side. The first was a moderately attractive woman while the other was difficult to see due to the cloak he wore.

“Zordon, who is that?” Billy asked.

“That is the Mistress Repugna, Rita’s mother and one of the most evil villains the universe has ever known. At one time, she was one of my closest allies and dearest friends."

Back then Monastra Repugna had been known by another name and a title that had elevated her to the top of Master Vile’s list of enemies. She was recognised for her ability to channel a type of energy that originated within the Morphin Grid known as the Mystic Force. With that power she had protected the planet of Magitopia until she had been called away to aid Zordon in his fight against evil. It was at that time that she had been seduced by Master Vile, albeit it briefly and while unaware of his true identity. And although she had escaped his clutches, he had been unwilling to let her escape his clutches. He later recaptured her and although Zordon was not aware of the whole story, he knew Master Vile had done something terrible in order to corrupt her to his side. He had destroyed the beautiful being Zordon had once known and turned her to her into something worthy of being his bride.

Now Zordon doubted there was anything left of his old friend beyond a waning physical resemblance, just as the lovely daughter she had loved so much had been corrupted to become the evil witch Rita Repulsa. The only positive was that the moment Mistress Repugna had turned from the light, her ability to access the Mystic Force had been diminished; that particular power required certain qualities that Repugna now lacked. He could only imagine how angry Master Vile would have been when he discovered that little side-effect.

“Is she dangerous?”

“Mistress Repugna is one of the most dangerous beings you will ever encounter. Before she turned to evil, she was trained as a practitioner of battle magic. And although she lacked the experience of her daughter and son-in-law, she is still cunning and capable of manipulating others.”

It was true. Despite her earlier boasts, she was not a schemer like her husband. She preferred to crush her enemies rather than playing games with them. She rarely had ulterior motives to her schemes, meaning that when she succeeded it was normally a large victory and when she lost, she walked away with nothing.

“Okay, we need to be extra careful here guys,” Tommy said as they waited for Zedd to approach. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“Rangers of Earth, I challenge you to one on one combat in this place. Should your fighter succeed, I shall release my prisoner to you. Should my champion triumph,” at this point Goldar laughed and said something about it being a certainty, “you will surrender your powers and control of your Zords.”

“As Red Zeo Ranger, I accept your challenge – after you vow to abide by this agreement regardless of the outcome.” Tommy’s words were forced. He really did not want to be doing this, he knew Zedd had something planned.

“I swear upon the power of the Morphin Grid that I will abide by our agreement, regardless of the outcome of this battle. I further swear that neither I, nor my allies will seek to intervene in the battle and that my champion will fight only until he attains victory.”

“I accept your word, Lord Zedd,” Tommy said. “Let’s fight.”

“Patience, you insolent pest,” Zedd snapped. “First, you Rangers must swear on the Power that you will abide by the decision and not seek to intervene in the battle.”

The Rangers nodded, but it was Tommy who voiced their answer. “We swear it.”

Rita cackled and the Rangers wondered just what they had let themselves in for. Zedd also seemed pleased as Goldar made a show of inspecting his sword.

“Name your champion,” Rita challenged.

“I will fight,” Tommy answered. From the look on Rita’s face she had not expected any other answer. She seemed pleased. “And you?”

“Our champion will defeat you without breaking a sweat, Red Zeo Ranger,” Zedd boasted.

Goldar stepped forward upon hearing his master’s words.

“Where are you going, Monkey Boy?” Rita asked. Goldar looked at her with a mixture of rage and confusion. Then Rita burst out laughing. “What, you think Zedd meant you?” She sounded amazed.

“As if,” Zedd growled. “We intend to win this battle today. And winning is something you seem to find impossible when dealing with Earthlings. Get back in line.”

Goldar dejectedly did as he was told.

‘Is Goldar sulking?’ Adam wondered as he focussed on the titanic warrior.

“Hey Ed, does that mean I get to fight? Puh-lease,” Rito begged.

“NO!” Rita snapped. “You’d mess up worse than the monkey.”

“And my name is Zedd, LORD ZEDD!” Zedd added.

“Zedd, gotcha, sorry Ed.”

“Enough!” Zedd snapped, his skin sparking with angry red energy that extended all the way to the tip of his staff and back. “Here is my champion, Red Ranger. I’m sure after meeting him you will learn to appreciate his abilities. This is Lorrigan, the Impactor."

The Rangers had been taken by surprise. Rito or Goldar they had been expecting. Pudgy Pig would have been less of a shock, but to hear that Zedd had found a warrior that claimed to hold Ranger powers and was willingly evil, and had convinced him to fight, was a shock.

“I think we broke them Zeddy,” Rita cackled.

“Don’t look so worried, Red Ranger, I promise he will not kill you… Although when this is over you may wish for death. The fight will take place on the quarry floor,” Zedd stated. “All non-participants will watch from the sides. Once the battle begins, observers may not intervene or teleport away. Those who are here at the start are compelled to stay until the end.”

The participants nodded, the observers moved to their places and silence fell over the makeshift arena.

“Oh I so enjoy moments like this. This is going to be too easy,” Lorrigan said.

“I wouldn’t bet on it,” Tommy shot back as the two circled each other.

Lorrigan attacked with a lightning-fast crescent kick to Tommy’s head, but Tommy ducked it by dropping into a split. Then he retaliated with a fist to the groin. However, Lorrigan pivoted out of the way and snapped a front kick at Tommy’s head. Tommy rolled away from Lorrigan’s kick, leaping upright. Lorrigan turned sharply, trying to jab his elbow into his opponent’s side. Tommy allowed his momentum to carry him through, extending his leg outwards to knock the elbow aside before trying to decapitate Lorrigan with another blow, which Lorrigan promptly blocked.

The fight continued in this way, physical attacks interspersed with periods of waiting. While they were both the same size, and equally matched in their skills, Tommy was getting the worst of the physical battle. Lorrigan’s technique was complicated and unpredictable. The aggressive style had caught him unawares. He had received a black eye and split lip from a series of strikes to his face. Still, he refused to surrender.

“I’m disappointed,” Lorrigan stated as he backhanded Tommy. “I expected you to fight, not surrender in the first few minutes of this battle.”

That was enough to draw Tommy back into the fight. A flare of rage shot through Tommy’s mind, instantly clearing his senses. He recalled how his sensei had once told him to focus his emotions to bring himself extra strength. By learning to channel his anger, Tommy had learnt to use his emotion in fighting, instead of allowing his anger to blind him.

Lorrigan was taken aback at Tommy’s sudden rage, and was unprepared when Tommy launched an attack using all his skills. In quick succession, Tommy had blacked both of Lorrigan’s eyes, split his lip, and cracked him in the stomach. Backing away from his berserk opponent, Lorrigan allowed a look of pleasant surprise to cover his features.

“So you do have some fight in you,” he said, wiping the blood aside from his lip. “Why don’t we take this little fight up a notch?”

“You’re on,” Tommy replied confidently.

“Zeo Ranger V – Red!” Tommy called. Lorrigan closed his eyes and waited for a black ball to appear in his right hand, a telltale sign of the powers he possessed.

“I can’t believe he can use that sort of power against us,” Rocky said, desperately watching the two fighters transform.

Tommy was soon in his usual costume, ready to fight. His was face hidden by his helmet making him as difficult to read. Lorrigan’s mask helped to hide his expression. His gloves and boots had thickened into a firmer layer of black felt.

“Now we shall see who is the more capable,” Lorrigan announced.

They shook hands, marking the beginning of this new phase of the battle. Tendrils of energy ran between them as their powers flared wildly. Both opponents tried to intensify their grip, but only one was successful in doing so. With an almost careless twist, Lorrigan sent Tommy tumbling away. The Red Ranger landed on his back, scraping along the quarry floor until he finally stopped. He lay there for a moment, wondering just how much power Lorrigan had put into that first throw.

Tommy flipped back to his feet and the two warriors met in a flurry of kicks and punches. Before they had been fast, but boosted by their respective powers, their blows became almost invisible. Tommy dodged a left punch, ducked quickly into a prayer position and then launched himself upright with a sharp uppercut. He had some satisfaction in watching Lorrigan’s head rolled to one side with the force of the punch, before he felt the sharp thrust kick to his stomach. Both combatants fell back to the ground.

“Come on Tommy!” Kat shouted from where the five remaining Rangers had chosen to view the contest.

As Lorrigan came charging in for a new assault, Tommy used his abilities to teleport out of range. Lorrigan retaliated by using his own skills, and as Tommy delivered what should have been a devastating punch, the Ranger found himself holding only empty clothing.

“Hey pip-squeak!” Lorrigan boomed from above, where he had used his armour’s power to enlarge his body.

Tommy closed his eyes and focussed his senses. He drew his Zeo Pistol and snapped off a series of shots that hit Lorrigan between the eyes. Then his giant opponent swung with a double axe-handled blow to the Ranger’s head and Tommy was glad he was now so much smaller he could duck easily.

“Yeah!” Rito cheered as he watched Lorrigan’s attempts to squash Tommy like a bug.

“Fool!” Goldar grumbled; well aware that if he was too successful, Lorrigan would become Rita and Zedd’s new henchman while he and Rito were relegated to the pitiful tasks Baboo and Squatt were called on to perform. ~What do those two do anyway?~

Lorrigan didn’t waste much time. He shrank back to his normal size and as soon as he did so he was attacking his opponent once more. He unleashed a burst of power, which struck the Ranger on his right side. Tommy struggled against the beam as it forced him down, concentrating on channelling the evil energy away from his chest. From the pain in his side he guessed the assault had cracked at least a rib despite his uniform. Not a good start.

Lorrigan was somewhat surprised when Tommy managed to return to a standing position; the beam of energy now focussed on the Ranger’s arm. He could tell it was still painful for the Rangers’ leader to endure such an intense beam, but his ability to divert it meant Tommy had more control over his powers than Lorrigan had given him credit for.

“My turn,” Tommy grunted, forcing the power of the Zeo Crystal into a ball, which he then threw at Zedd’s champion.

“Go Tommy!” Tanya cheered from the sidelines.

“Be careful,” Kat called, noticing that Lorrigan was already recovering.

The ball exploded on impact, causing only minor discomfort. It did however cut short Lorrigan’s energy beam. Lorrigan took a step back before returning fire with a set of discus blades. They exploded on impact, tossing Tommy to the ground again.

“Oh no,” Billy said softly.

“What is it?” Adam asked.

“Lorrigan’s going to try to finish the contest,” Jason replied.

Sure enough Lorrigan was building a huge ball of fire, ready to shoot at his prone opponent.

“Tommy, look out!” Rocky cried.

Tommy’s head spun around as Lorrigan released the flaming ball. He stayed low, bringing all his will to bear against the fire. With a grunt he stood and batted the fireball aside, not really worrying about where it landed. An explosion rocked the quarry as the ball caused a small rockslide.

“Very good,” Lorrigan commended. “You’re better than I thought. But then I haven’t had a worthy opponent for centuries, so I doubt you have any real skill.”

Tommy growled and attacked, discharging energy bolts from his Zeo Pistol, that Lorrigan deftly avoided. The few that got past the clone’s defences seemed to bounce off randomly.

“You can’t hit what you can’t see,” Lorrigan told his opponent as he raised his hands to the side of his head, palms facing his foe and fingers spread outwards. A faint glow appeared around his head and it took Tommy a moment too long to realise what was happening.

“Tommy, he’s trying to turn himself into a mirror!” Billy warned, just as Lorrigan accomplished his goal.

Catching the sunlight as it fell on his forehead; Lorrigan redirected it as a concentrated stream of light. Straight into Tommy’s eyes. He had the satisfaction of watching Tommy grope helplessly at his helmet, trying to reach his burning pupils, shaking his head in the hopes of clearing the pain.

“Or hear.”

Lorrigan’s body twisted as he forced an object to fly towards Tommy at just past the speed of sound. It narrowly missed the Ranger, but the noise was enough to leave Tommy deafened. He had now lost two of his senses.

Lorrigan used the opportunity to transform his clothing into armour while Tommy was incapacitated. He was now at a level beyond that of a normal Ranger while Tommy was helpless. In desperation the Red Zeo Ranger tore off his helmet, unheard of in battle. Lorrigan didn’t intend to give the Ranger a chance to catch up.

“Tommy!” Kat cried frantically.

She wanted to help her boyfriend, they all did. But the rules of the contest prevented them from interfering in anyway. Billy’s earlier shout had almost been grounds for disqualification.

“Don’t worry Kat,” Tanya said. “He can do this.” Only Rocky heard her add: “I hope.”

Lorrigan stalked the suddenly vulnerable Ranger. Tommy’s senses had recovered to the point where he could make out shapes and hear loud noises. Fully powered, Lorrigan made just enough noise for Tommy to pick up on. He attacked, catching Lorrigan by surprise. However the attack was short-lived as Lorrigan gripped the Ranger’s shoulder and tossed him aside. Tommy landed on his feet, but Lorrigan drove a fist into the ground, creating a chasm that swallowed the Zeo Ranger whole.

“Now that is how to fight a battle,” Lorrigan gloated.

“It’s not over yet,” Zedd pointed out, spotting Tommy’s gloved-hand as it gripped at the flaking soil.

“Back to Action!” Tommy called, using the time it took to recall his helmet and bring his powers out of standby mode. He also took the opportunity to teleport away from the chasm.

Now they were fighting man to man, both determined to triumph. There was something important on the line in this battle: pride. Tommy was drawing every erg of power he could from the Zeo Crystal, using a technique usually reserved for special moves. He used his enhanced strength to lift a large chunk of rock from the ground and threw it at his opponent. Lorrigan teleported away before it crashed to the ground. Tommy though knew where his enemy was and tackled him around the waist before Lorrigan could regain his bearings.

The clashed again, this time their punches glowing with the power that they siphoned from their respective power sources. The Zeo V Power Sword clashed with Lorrigan’s short sword, neither able to break through the other’s defences. A lucky blow from Tommy breached Lorrigan’s guard, allowing Tommy to deliver two more blows across the shoulder, followed by a blast from his helmet that struck Lorrigan in the chest. Then glowing with energy, his sword was drawn through Lorrigan’s side, cutting upwards until it emerged through the shoulder blade. Lorrigan dropped his sword; it should have been the end of the match.

“He did it!” Rocky proclaimed loudly.

“I don’t believe it,” Zedd hissed angrily. He turned on Monastra. “I thought you said he would win. I thought your beloved Lorrigan was supposed to be among the elite of evil warriors.”

“Oh he will win Lord Zedd. Trust me: the powers of an Impactor are very special. Just watch!”

As she spoke, Lorrigan’s armour was already starting to heal his wounds, regrowing his lost arm in the process, much to the shock of the Rangers.

“Aw man,” Tommy exclaimed as he watched Lorrigan reform.

“I can’t believe it,” Adam said softly to the others.

“Neither can I,” Billy agreed. “I didn’t think even the Morphin Grid could heal such a wound.”

“Guys, Tommy’s in trouble,” Kat pointed out.

That was true. The battle had taken a lot out of the Ranger. He had put a great deal of his strength behind that final cut, and it had been for nought.

“Now it’s my turn,” Lorrigan mocked. “Maybe you should surrender, nobody would think any less of you. How could they?”

Tommy braced himself as Lorrigan charged. The two collided, and for the first time it was a battle between the undeniable force of Lorrigan and the immovable object that was Tommy. Waves of surplus energy exploded outwards, causing their audience to take cover. Both warriors had dropped their swords in the collision and it was clear that Tommy had taken the worst of the impact.

“Zeo Power Blaster!” Tommy called, hoping that he could summon the Rangers’ joint arsenal.

The powerful weapon appeared and he lifted it into position. He hoped it would be enough; he doubted he had the strength to call forth the Zeo Cannon.


“Wow, I never thought he’d be able to use it,” Rocky said.

Lorrigan however was not impressed. The blast of pure energy engulfed him, burning away the evil power that kept his armour intact. Flames consumed him, but his will was strong and he survived.

“Oh man,” Rocky moaned. “This isn’t good.”

Tommy had dropped the blaster back into its storage place, retrieving the Zeo V Power Sword as he did so. He watched as Lorrigan battled to shake off the effects. It was clear he was succeeding.

“I believe I said it was my turn,” Lorrigan said coldly as the last of the flames faded, leaving him in his charred armour. “First, I will clear the air.”

He threw his arms into the air and power erupted around him. A gold and black aura formed around him, cloaking him in its power and as he stretched, the aura exploded outward.

“What was that?” Tanya asked as Tommy was thrown off his feet.

“A manifestation of Lorrigan’s power,” Billy replied. “It would appear he has chosen to wield the energy directly against Tommy without a conduit.”

“Now, for the special feature,” Lorrigan grinned as he looked down at Tommy.

He raised his right hand and extended his index and middle fingers from the clenched fist. A tiny ball of black energy formed around the extended fingers. Electricity crackled around his hand as he pressed the fingers to the top of his helmet. The energy around his fingers grew in size.

Tommy stood slowly, a look of shock registering on his face. He could sense the power Lorrigan wielded and wasn’t sure whether or not he would be able to avoid it. He certainly did not want to test his uniform against such power.

“Hiyah!” Lorrigan cried as he fired a ball of black fire at his opponent.

Tommy jumped aside as more and more blasts came towards him.

“What is he doing?” Zedd demanded.

“Stay still,” Lorrigan, cried as Tommy continued to dodge, seeking a way through.

“Never!” Tommy returned defiantly.

“Oh but you will,” Lorrigan told him in an amused tone. “Because if you try and dodge this attack, it will strike your friends. And since they cannot morph, I’d wager they would suffer far more than you would.”

“You wouldn’t,” Tommy claimed. “The rules.”

“The rules only say that the observers cannot interfere,” Lorrigan answered. “I’m aiming at you, it’s not my fault if they get hit because you moved.”

He was caught and Tommy knew it. If he moved his friends were finished, while if he stayed still, the battle would be over.

“Time to make up your mind, Tommy,” Lorrigan said. “Because here it comes!”

The world seemed to move in slow motion as Lorrigan drew his fingers away from his head, focussing the massive energy now trapped inside those fingers. He pointed at Tommy, knowing he would not miss; the civilian Rangers would not survive and morphing was out of the question. He locked onto his target and relaxed the safeguards he had used to prevent the energy from dissipating. “Destructo Beam!” he cried.

“Tommy, no!” Kat cried. Adam and Jason grabbed her shoulders, turning her away. Billy didn’t have the presence of mind to turn his head. Just like a serious road accident, the events that followed captured the attention of those nearby.

Rocky’s mouth opened and closed, but no words came out. His eyes widened as the twisting beam of energy rocketed its way towards his friend. He wanted to close his eyes and look away. He was tempted to transform and pull Tommy out of harm’s way. He did neither. It was too late.

Rocky and Tanya were on their feet as Tommy took a defiant stance and waited for the inevitable. They looked across to where the villains were seated and scowled at the delight evident on Rita’s face.

“That’s more like it,” Rita said, her voice subdued by the cheering of Baboo and Squatt. Zedd was speechless and Finster was rubbing his eyes to make sure they weren’t deluding him.

The beam tore directly through Tommy’s right shoulder, spinning him around like a rag doll. Smoke hissed from the gaping wound as he tried to stay upright. The pain was incredible and had it not been for the adrenaline already flowing, it would have been far worse. He doubled over, catching his breath and trying to gather enough sense to make a comeback.

“Did you enjoy that?”

He looked up. Lorrigan was stood in front of him, hand outstretched palm first. The face that now confronted him was smiling.

“I knew you wouldn’t let me hurt them Tommy. You hero types are way too predictable.”

“The match is over,” Goldar cried from his position.

“This match ends when I say it ends,” Lorrigan snarled. For once Goldar had the sense not to pick a fight. He drove his knee into Tommy’s gut and then smashed both fists down upon the boy’s back. As he saw the Ranger’s power start to fade, he fired another blast that carried Tommy across the base of the quarry. “Now it’s over.” Tommy’s powers faded at that moment, no doubt agreeing with what had been said.

Everything turned dark as Lorrigan raised his hand to the sky one more time, this time to dissolve his costume and return the powers he had summoned. As the Rangers and villains around the edge of the quarry looked on, they saw Lorrigan standing unscathed surrounded by scorched earth. Across from him Tommy lay unmoving.

“Stop!” Rocky warned as he saw Lorrigan march towards his leader. “We had a deal Zedd.”

“Yes we did,” Lorrigan agreed. Effortlessly, he lifted Tommy from the ground. “I’m only collecting my prize. Hand it to me, and he lives.”

The others reluctantly complied, handing him the Super Zeo Zords, Golden Power Staff, their Zeonisers and the Zeo Crystal, which Billy summoned from the Power Chamber.

“You know,” Billy said as he held the crystal out. “This doesn’t mean we can’t attempt to get them back again.”

Lorrigan’s face curled into a grin. “I look forward to seeing you try.”

He aimed his Golden Power Staff at the Super Zeo Zords, returning them to the Super Zeo Gems. The Rangers fell to the ground, feeling as if their hearts had been torn out as the remnants of the Zeo powers were sucked from their bodies.

“Now we are done here,” Lorrigan said.

The villains teleported away, leaving the Rangers lying in the quarry, too shocked by the attack to move.

To be continued

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Victory in the face of Death

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic.

Victory in the face of Death

The Moon
Ten Thousand Years Ago

They had fought hard and emerged victorious. The planet Earth had been protected from those seeking to conquer it and following the defeat of the enemy’s leader, the surface of the Moon had been reclaimed and the ancient palace that stood half buried upon its surface had been secured. Zordon and what remained of his Order of the Meladon had somehow managed to overcome the army of the evil Rita Repulsa. Even now the remnants of her once vast forces were being rounded up, her monsters falling before the might of Zordon's soldiers as they took the fight to the other worlds in the solar system and then beyond, freeing territory that had been in enemy hands for far too long. Although many of the worlds were beyond their ability to save, they would at least be free from evil.

Against Zordon’s advice the political leaders had chosen to parade the defeated Rita Repulsa in front of the galactic broadcasts and had ordered Zordon and his followers to act as guards for the ceremony as she was shipped off for trial. Despite his warnings of how dangerous and underhanded Rita could be, those that had seen the opportunities a victory offered them to undermine the enemy and strengthen morale on worlds that had been barely able to hold out against Rita’s army. But Rita was not as powerless as she appeared and while her wand had been snatched away, she was still a witch. There were curses that she could bring against an opponent that did not require her wand to channel the dark energy, so long as she was willing to risk her life while invoking such magic. In their haste to celebrate a victory, the politicians had forgotten the lineage of Rita’s mother and the opportunities such and inheritance offered her.

"Curse you Zordon!" Rita snarled, summoning all of the magic her exhausted body could muster, fuelling it with the hatred she felt for the man that had dared to defy her so many times. "In the name of Lokar, I smite thee!" A single ball of black energy shot from her fingertips and connected with the Sage of Eltar, breaking through the shields he had conjured the moment she had shaken herself loose from her guards. The ball exploded upon contact, lifting him high into the air and throwing him across the lunar surface where he landed in a heap.

The response was immediate and brutal. While Zordon's close allies raced out to find their fallen comrade in the hope that it was not too late, Zordon's warriors did not hold back in making certain that Rita and her forces were prevented from making any further surprise attacks. They did not stop beating upon the defeated servants or their mistress until they were certain that there was no further threat. By that time only the mighty Goldar retained some sense of where he was. A firm stomp to the head meant that he joined his comrades in blissful unconsciousness.

Meanwhile the race was on to save the life of Zordon. The magic Rita had cast was both simple and devastating, ripping through the noble leader’s body and causing internal damage as it scrambled everything it touched. The damage it caused was beyond the medical knowledge of those that tried to assist him and they knew there would not be time to call in more experienced assistance. Thousands of years earlier, during his youth, Zordon had been exposed to a deadly poison that despite the best attempts of Eltarian medics, had never truly left his system. And with his body compromised by Rita’s curse, his body was no longer able to fight the effects of the poison as it ravaged his crippled form.

The spell Rita had used could have been reversed, undoing the damage and restoring Zordon’s health to the level it had been before she had used it. But since doing so required the caster agreed to lift its effect any hope of saving him quickly vanished. Already Zordon's body had started to decay, his legs failing to support him when he tried to stand. His personal experience with using the Power to keep the poison at bay allowed him to slow the effects of Rita's curse, but his other injuries meant that he was slowly succumbing to the dark powers.

"Maybe if we merge our abilities…" someone suggested. Grid energy had the ability to heal considerable wounds provided there was sufficient focus, but to do so without an understanding of how they would heal him made their task more difficult.

Zordon groaned as he tried to speak and found that even the act of opening his mouth caused unbelievable pain. With considerable effort he was able to overcome the pain long enough to tell them what he needed to say. They didn’t understand that pouring their powers into his broken body would not work; the pathways needed for such an attempt to bolster his body had been devastated to the point where they could no longer support such an inrush of energy.

"It is too late, my friends," he stated, doing everything in his power to sound calm. He drew upon what remained of his connection to the Morphin Grid – for the same spell that had damaged his body had damaged his connection to the Grid – to keep the pain at bay. Although confident on the outside, inside he was terrified of what was to come. "I have foreseen this moment many times since the war with Rita and her forces began. This moment was unavoidable; there was no acceptable way to prevent Rita from casting her spell at me. I would never sacrifice another just to survive."

He saw the look of grief that passed over their faces, the disbelief that he had accepted his fate so readily. He chuckled softly.

"You disappoint me," he joked. "When have you known me to give up?" Now he had their attention. "Nothing could prevent this moment from happening and I will succumb to the either the curse or the poison I received  many years ago, and Rita will be credited with my demise. But my death will not be as immediate as our enemies might have hoped. I ask you now to please help me, so I may frustrate the forces of darkness one more time."

And of course they helped. All of them. Whether before the battle they had agreed with Zordon and his methods or not, he was their leader and their hero. They would do anything to honour the sacrifice he had shown, even if it meant giving up the precious time they had to try and save him for some whim of fancy.

"Lexian, contact Alpha Five and tell him to activate the modified capsule he has been working on. He will know what needs to be done. Please assist him in his task, it will not be easy for him to do this."

They agreed and having located Alpha Five, they teleported along with their fallen leader. They were surprised when instead of sadness or distress at his master's condition, Alpha had started to pull the body onto a waiting medical bed. And then even as the team's healer objected to what he was doing, the little machine began to connect his master to a heavily modified Eltarian healing capsule…

"This won't save him," the healer objected.

Indeed there was very little machinery present that could stop the poison or to heal the damage from the curse. The machine was a modified medical pod but lacking even the most basic monitoring tools. Once inside it would make no effort to reverse Zordon’s condition, just relieve his pain and prevent further breakdown. If anything it resembled a giant coffin.

"Ai-yi-yi, here goes!" Alpha cried after adjusting a few more controls. "Activating Plasma Screen!"

Eltarians had established lookout posts on countless worlds during the war with Rita. From those observation posts it was possible for them to keep watch and take command of the planet’s defenders in the event of an attack. But acting as monitor for a world was lonely and few Eltarians were willing to sacrifice years of their lives watching over worlds that might never be invaded. And so a way had been developed to allow Eltarians to maintain a watchful eye over a planet from inside their observation posts without being physically present. Unlike previous attempts that used simple cameras, Eltarian technology transferred the very essences of the appointed guardian into the observation post allowing him to physically interact with its machinery. And now Zordon and Alpha planned to use a modified version of that technology to save his life.

With a loud crackle the plasma tube connected to the healing capsule activated, allowing those present the view of Zordon’s head. Alpha scurried about checking the readings.

"Activating teleport now!"

In a column of white light the healing capsule disappeared, leaving only the plasma tube behind.

"Teleportation complete, stasis achieved," he reported.

And with those words Zordon's friends started to understand what Alpha had done. There was no way to heal their friend from his injuries, at least not without Rita's cooperation. But Zordon and Alpha had managed to alter a healing pod and plasma tube to work over a long distance and had then used a modified long range teleportation device to act as both the departure and arrival location in a continuous loop. While teleporting the effects of Rita’s spell were suspended as there was no body to decay. Unfortunately the moment he returned to the physical world the curse would continue. Alpha had saved his life but those present realised that their old friend was gone unless they could find a cure. Still Zordon and Alpha had brought them time and with that time came hope…

"Beginning scan," Alpha declared as he adjusted the controls. "Locating Zordon's energy signature within the Morphin Grid. Ai-yi-yi, found it! Computer lock onto these coordinates and…"

With a final tweak of the controls, Alpha connected with the energy pattern he had been seeking, redirecting it into the citadel's systems. The plasma tube sparked to life once more, flickering with energy until eventually a face appeared.

"Excellent work Alpha," Zordon commended.

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, it worked!" Alpha cheered.

"Indeed," Zordon replied before turning to his shocked friends. "Thank you for you assistance. Alpha and I had been planning for this moment but without your help in getting me here there was little chance that the plan would work."

"But your body…" Lexian protested.

"Has been turned into energy for the purposes of teleportation," Zordon told him. "Alpha has successfully isolated that energy from this citadel’s controls meaning there is no way it can be interfered with. I do not believe there is a way to reverse Rita’s spell and eventually my body will succumb to its effects, but in this state I will not be affected. From here I will be able to aid you in the coming battles, although I will never likely never be able to walk amongst you again. Alpha will act as my physical connection with the Command Center."

In his current state Zordon was sadly just a projection of his former self lacking the ability to interact with his surroundings. Fortunately Alpha was a capable companion and a loyal servant.

Zordon looked among his faithful companions, remembering the times they had fought at his side and protected his back, just as he had shielded them.

"Lexian my friend. I am no longer capable of leading the Order of the Meladon in battle. I ask that you take command of our alliance, for there is still much to be done. And I ask that the rest of you support him in the work ahead, just as you have supported me."

The defeat of Rita Repulsa and her forces was just one victory, but there were hundreds of battle being lost even as they spoke. The forces of Lord Zedd and Master Vile gained more and more territory each day and there was little Zordon's forces could do to turn the tide. Perhaps when word of his survival reached the masses it would inspire them to fight on. Sadly despite his desperate desire to learn more about his current state, Zordon realised there was much left to do.

End of part

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Morphin Masters: The Gift

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whomever owns the copyright. Not profit is made from this piece of writing, it is purely a fanwork.

Morphin Masters: The Gift

Although their ascension was supposed to mark the end of their presence in their former dimension, the Morphin Masters continued to return for centuries following the event as they undertook a new mission to connect as many worlds to a useable form of Grid Energy. When the First Ones had created the planets, they had placed a fragment of crystal deep inside each world. That fragment drew upon the spiritual energy leaking in from the Morphin Grid and helped encourage and sustain life on the newly formed worlds. Later such crystals would often lead the the appearance of magic and psychic energy on those worlds.

The Morphin Masters now chose to improve upon the First One’s work by boring holes deep into each planet and modifying the crystal fragments to act as conduits for a new form of Grid Energy. With the new link established, steps were taken to place the fragments beyond the reach of lesser beings and the shafts were filled in once more. On some worlds they went further, creating the necessary connections from the core of the planet to an object through which the populace could access it. On Edenoi they created a great crystal the locals called the Heart of Edenoi. On the planet Phaedos they built a monolith through which the Power could be accessed along with a second temple that promised even greater power for those deemed worthy.

The Morphin Masters repeated their actions on worlds across the cosmos, using a form of Grid Energy they had developed to offer the protection of the Power to as many as possible.

Up until that point the Morphin Masters had only been able to create single links between those they deemed worthy and the Power. They had created teams of Power Rangers, but the powers had been unique to each team. Now after they found a way to communicate with the creatures that lived within the confines of the Morphin Grid, they had come up with a superior option. The creatures were composed of Grid Energy and like other beings found in the many higher dimensions, were capable of bestowing that energy to those they deemed worthy.

The Morphin Masters had convinced the creatures to lend their power to all those they deemed worthy and compatible. Through such an arrangement it was possible for hundred of people to draw upon the Grid Energy at one time as opposed to a single team. Those using such powers would not receive the strength and power of the former teams the Morphin Masters had created because the amount of energy a body could safely draw upon was limited without a proper conduit. But even at half-power those that would gain access to the Power would have a greater defence in the fight against evil.

The Morphin Masters had convinced thirty two creatures to join their endeavour. In years to come through the loss and rediscovery of knowledge, there would be many that believed this to be the Morphin Grid itself.

And in times to come it would be the powers locked inside the temple on Phaedos that would herald the rise of the first new team of powered warriors. And on Edenoi the Heart of Edenoi would lead to the emergence of one of the universe’s most notable defenders. And on other worlds armies would emerge and train in the use of the Power for combat.

In years to come the Power would be considered a miracle to be worshipped as a religion. The true nature of the Morphin Grid and the Morphin Masters would remain lost until the time of rediscovery when the truth would be revealed and the belief that had lasted for generations would be shaken to its core.

End of Part

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Origins: The God Wave

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers or any other series. All properties belong to their respective copyright owners. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.
Author's Note: Just a quick not on time in this series. Events are not shown in order and at this point time is not regular. So none year an be a century, one minute can be days and events four billion years ago can happen at the same time as those that occured eight billion years ago.

Origins: The God Wave

It was not the first planet in existence, although many mistakenly believed it to be the first. They even referred to it as the First World, the starting point at which the Celestials that had shaped reality had formed matter together into a planet-like shape and allowed life to thrive. It wasn’t truly the first world, or even the second planet to be formed, but the tales of those worlds are a matter for another time. What did matter was that this world was very very old and in the grand scheme of things had been formed before any of the worlds on the lowest plane of existence. The Celestials had then moved it to where they felt it needed to be, shifting it away from the centre of the universe to a new home just beyond what would one day be called the Promethean Galaxy.

For billions of years the planet remained as its population grew and evolved. Their advancements in technology came rapidly as their society developed and peace reigned. At some point they reached the threshold between known science and the unexplainable science that most attribute to magic. And as their society aged so they learned the ways to integrate their new discoveries into their everyday lives. Doing so pushed their evolution, just as the Celestials had hoped, forcing them to move beyond the simply mortals they had once been into a race of mighty godlike beings that saw the still forming universe as their domain.

Sadly with power and influence came arguments and discord. Factions arose that clashed in their beliefs and being as powerful as they were, those battles of words and wits soon turned to violence. The planet descended into a state of war as opponents stubbornly refused to see sense or step back from the brink.

In the end their world paid the price as bombarded by its own population it could take no more and exploded, killing all those that dwelt upon its surface. The resulting wave of energy tore through the lower planes of existence, shunting whole worlds into pocket dimensions where the strict rules of physics imposed upon the cosmos no longer applied. There the energy altered the structure of the planets, empowering those that would one day reside there, granting them the knowledge and attributes of the civilisation lost to war.

It had taken the energy wave three billion years to make it from the broken planet to the far side of the universe. There it changed direction, drawn back toward its point of origin, following its previous path although this time limited to the confines of the mortal plane. And as it passed by the many worlds, it infused them with the potential to one day produce life capable of ascending to the level of the gods. It continued on its way until it reached its origin point where the Celestials were waiting to put a stop to the chaos it had caused.

Most of the energy was infused back into the worlds that had replaced the previous planet, elevating their inhabitants to the level of those that had come before. The rest was diverted into a nearby dimension where it joined with many other forms of energy to create the torrent of magic, psychic and spiritual energies known as the Power. For the Morphin Grid was not as some would later believe the source of all such energies, but it was the place where many came to reside.

Six billion years had passed and the many worlds within what would one day be known as the Sol system had formed. And somehow as the energy wave had passed through the dust and debris that would one day cool to form the planet named Earth, a link had been formed between the planet and the pocket dimensions it had created. There would be other such connection throughout the cosmos, but it was on the Earth that the barriers between such dimensions were at their weakest.

In the future those gods would inspire stories and beliefs that would be passed down through the generations. They would be worshipped throughout the cosmos, but especially on worlds like Earth. And in the future they would realise that their great powers weakened considerably outside of their homelands and chose to either lend their power to others or permit others to carry their names. But when the time came some of these gods would take their place at the side of mortals, helping them become the mightiest heroes the world had ever seen.


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Morphin Masters: Ascension

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whomever owns the copyright. Not profit is made from this piece of writing, it is purely a fanwork.

Morphin Masters: Ascension

"The Morphin Masters were craftsmen without compare. During their earliest days spent studying the nature of the Grid, their creations were large, physical and infused with the Power upon completion. They worked in all manner of materials from wood to metal. But it was when they discovered how to enter and leave the Morphin Grid that their creations became so much more. No longer were they toying with physical materials and imbuing it with energy… now they were taking the energy and shaping it into matter."

– An Unknown Observer

"Grid Energy changes those exposed to it. In high doses it can cause the break down of tissues and extreme mutations at a cellular level. If treatment is not sought and extreme care exercised such exposure can prove fatal. In lower levels over a prolonged period those exposed to Grid Energy become more efficient at handling it effects. It is true that as a group, we Morphin Masters had seen an improvement to our health and longevity caused by exposure to latent Grid Energy.

Our new task is to find a way to safely mitigate the effects of short-term exposure to high levels of Grid Energy at least long enough to safely enter and leave the Morphin Grid."

– Unaccredited Morphin Master

It was an exciting day for all Morphin Masters. After billions-of-years of research and preparation, the time had come for The Ascension. The Morphin Masters planned to enter the Morphin Grid and make it their new home, leaving behind the physical world where they had previously lived.

When the First Ones had departed the mortal realm, they had left behind several of the races that they had chosen to be a part of their first alliance. It had been their hope that these races would rise up and help guide the evolution of the lower dimension and history showed that they had done so.

All had had some success, even going so far as to find ways to transcend their mortal state to something more suited to their role. The Time Lords had achieved such changes through exposure to a rift in space and time, and genetic alterations. The Maltusians had used a symbiotic relationship to limit their mortality. And the Morphin Masters had over millions of years of exposure to the Morphin Grid found themselves altered into something less mortal.

Prolonged exposure to the energies within the Morphin Grid had altered their physiologies. It was inevitable that with such constant exposure to such raw magical, psychic and spiritual energy, they were bound to evolve. They became powerful, capable of bestowing gifts upon the ones they left behind or of bringing destruction upon the physical universe. Time had shown that they were not immune to the temptation such power offered and that even the most well-meaning of their kind could be corrupted by the darker emotions the use of Grid Energy seemed to cause.

And now the Morphin Masters were looking forward to not only a relocation into the Morphin Grid, but a reunion with family from across the universe – for access to the Morphin Grid had allowed the Morphin Masters to travel the cosmos, spreading their society throughout existence.

Yet despite the excitement there was an underlying tension. There were rumours that some of those attempting to make the transition into the Morphin Grid had vanished. There had even been reports of catastrophic failures of the Morphin Masters’ technology resulting in planets being devastated by the resulting explosions.

There were rumours that some new darkness had been unleashed upon the universe and that the Morphin Masters had attracted its attention. There were even whispers that a new type of energy had been discovered inside the Grid, which had coincided with the emergence and that this energy had corrupted a part of the Grid itself.

It was therefore not a surprise to find that while any were excited about reunions and new horizons, some had come to the conclusion that they were running away from something and leaving the rest of the population of their old home to face it.

Regardless of the true reasons for The Ascension, it was finally happening. As Morphin Masters around the universe gathered their belonging and made the preparations needs to handle the sudden spike in Grid Energy, those members of their society that had either chosen to remain behind or were unsuited to the harsh environment of the Grid bid them a fond farewell.

Billions of years earlier

The Dark One had been imprisoned by his father. The One had sealed him inside a dimension on the far side of the Morphin Grid, as far from any living being as he could find. And then he had sealed the dimension using every known technique to create the layered locks that would restrain his wayward son for all time.

Of course The One had not foreseen the evolution of the universe or how certain races would grow up while his attention was diverted. He had not foreseen the possibility that a race could access the energy he tried so hard to control and that the resulting explosion would be enough to cause a small hole in the prison he had constructed. The hold had sealed almost immediately, but the Dark One’s power and influence had interacted with the energy and corrupted it. From there it had set in motion a series of events that would one day lead to the rise of followers capable of releasing him. And the Morphin Masters would be a key part of his plan.

A long time after The Ascension and the Morphin Masters had become beings of myth and legend. Since that day members of their society had frequently returned from the Grid long enough to impart their knowledge to those willing to listen. But as time had moved on so the Morphin Masters’ appearances had become less frequent.

Their studies of the Morphin Grid had spanned many generations and billions of years. Their knowledge of how things worked had grown and as they had uncovered the mysteries of the Grid, so their technology had changed to embrace their discoveries.

However, more and more of the time was being spent inside the Morphin Grid and many of them had started to feel more at home within its boundaries than outside.

It took almost four thousand years before the Morphin Masters were seen again. Many believed that they were gone for good, perhaps weakened from their efforts to stay there so long. The truth was that time passed differently inside the Morphin Grid. Each day the Morphin Masters journeyed further into the source of the Power and unlocked more and more secrets. They had revised their understanding of the Morphin Grid several times as new facts proved their earlier theories wrong.

The Grid was so much more than they had ever dreamed. For the inside of the Grid was seemingly endless. And it was not limited to a single universe as the Morphin masters had once believed. Instead it spread through all existences, touching every plane, dimension and realm. It was connected to the brightest stars in the heavens and the pitch darkness that lurked within the depths of a demonic hell.

Not only was the Grid a place of power and energy, it had its own ecosystem. There were creatures living within the dimension that the Morphin Masters had never seen before. Some were humanoid in shape, others were more animalistic. Then there were those that defied explanation with forms that were truly alien to the travellers. However, regardless of their appearances they shared a common nature of being created from the elements and energy that existed within the Morphin Grid, an environment that somehow also allowed the Morphin Masters to survive.

As years passed the Morphin Masters uncovered more and more secrets about the workings of the Morphin Grid. Inside its confines they learned the skills necessary to transform energy into matter, giving it form as they did so. With practice they were able to build simply constructs using the energy around them and then transform the energy into physical materials. And as part of that learning they masters the arts of conjuring and directing energy at targets and willing that energy to take on the shapes that they needed.

It was with their mastery of such techniques that some of the Morphin Masters felt the need to return to the world outside of the Morphin Grid and share their new knowledge with those they had left behind. The majority however chose to journey onward, seeking out new secrets within the never-ending expanse of their new home. But first they at least agreed to help make the various forces within the Grid more stable in their original dimension.

And so they journeyed to the world of Magitopia and there they created the Magical Source and the Mystic Force, the conduits through which magic could flow into the universe safely before spreading out across the stars. This was not all the magic within the Grid, but they knew that accessing such power would one day lead to new races capable of handling the more potent powers the Grid could offer. And to watch over and monitor how magic functioned in its new environment, they created the Tribunal of Magic: three powerful entities granted the ability to control and regulate the flow of magical and mystical energy.

Next the Morphin Masters travelled to the temples and foundries they had built during their early days learning about the Grid. Using their vast understanding and manipulation of Grid Energy, they cast spells to hide the locations from those seeking them except where the need existed and the intention was worthy. They hid many of their larger constructs, the pylons they had created to channel the Power before they found better ways to do so. They did the same for the Morphin Engines they had placed on previously lifeless worlds to help encourage them to grow. And finally they gathered as many of their creations as possible and placed them with a large storage facility on the planet Imphos. There they set a guardian capable of assessing the needs of those that wished to remove an item and capable of ejecting those that did so with the intention of abusing the Morphin Masters’ legacy.

And a a final gift and act of protection for their former home, the Morphin Masters created the Emissaries to convey messages between the mortal realm and the Morphin Masters. For it had become apparent that prolonged exposure to the Grid had caused them to evolve beyond the mere mortals they had once been. They were now gods worthy of worship and steeped in the power of the Grid. And to ensure that their will could be enforced upon those that might abuse their gifts, the Morphin Masters created the Empyreals, their angels of death and rebirth, to purge those that defiled their works and replace them with something new…

They did not realise that their actions had caused a shift in the cosmic balance, breaking the remaining seals that had kept the upper dimensions locked away as well as stressing those that kept the Dark One restrained. With their final departure, the other dimensions were now freely accessible to those that had the means, the desire and the mentality to open them. And with such an act they had brought the unsuspecting mortal realm to the attention of those that would seek to add it to their own domains.

They also failed to understand that their ascension had caused the people of the universe to worship them as gods and in doing they had changed the nature of the Power as most mortals understood it for generations to come.

End of Part

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Morphin Masters: Rising

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic. In addition some of the history in this universe is adapted and mangled from the Star Wars universe and belongs to the respective copyright owners.

Morphin Masters: Rising

There is a dimension that runs parallel to our own through the entirety of existence. It is my belief that this dimension is somehow connected to every location in the cosmos and that by accessing it, we can use this dimension to traverse the stars.

This dimension is unlike any other we have uncovered. I believe that it is a realm of energy constantly shifting and changing. But despite its fluid state, it can still be mapped and navigated. I have named it: The Morphin Grid.

The teachings of the first pioneers were known to every student of the Power. They had been raised to understand the history of their race and the theories that had guided them from a simple means to avoid the need for long space flights to a deep understanding of the extra-dimensional energies that lay beyond.

In the early days the energy contained within the Morphin Grid had seemed unimportant. As time had progressed, the need to understand and master those energies had become their primary concern. A whole doctrine had grown out of their findings.

They had not been the ones to coin the phrase Morphin Masters, although that was how they were now known. They were not a single race from a lone world, but a grouping of scientists and others who had been drawn together in their studies. And through generations they had formed a new society that both worshipped and studied the wonders of the Morphin Grid.

It had been though the sacrifice of one of their greatest scientists, a man whose name had been celebrated since he made his successful trip through the Morphin Grid to the far side of the cosmos. The name Morvin Nought would forever be revered as one of their greatest discoverers, some even referring to him as the Morphinaut.

Sadly the Morphinaut had lost contact after his journey before he could attempt to return. His exact fate had never been uncovered, but it seemed that the world he had chosen as a destination had not been friendly. It was the reason why following his success the Morphin Masters had slowed their efforts, learning as much as they could through slow and steady progress.

It was following the Morphinaut’s successful trip that the Morphin Masters started to study the Morphin Grid as something more than just an easy means of transportation. With their archway technology perfected to where they had been able to cross whole galaxies at a time – for despite their best efforts they had never been able to replicate the Morphinaut’s initial success – they considered what other secrets that strange dimension could hold.

It was a shock when they realised just how vast the Morphin Grid was. And that was despite their knowledge that it was spread throughout the cosmos – the Morphinaut’s theories had speculated that the Morphin Grid actually extended beyond their plane of existence and touched all dimensions within their universe.

Regardless the sheer power the Morphin Grid contained was astounding. Their attempts to tap into the Morphin Grid to draw upon its power had been a disaster, killing over a dozen workers before the breach had been sealed. It had revealed just how potent and dangerous the Power could be in its raw state.

Over thousands-of-years of study they came to realise that the Power was not comprised of a single form of energy. The Power was the combination of many types of energy that came to rest inside the boundaries of the Morphin Grid. Later they changed their theory to state that the many types of energy within the Morphin Grid all came from the breakdown of the Power into its less volatile components.

The Morphin Masters also drew the conclusion that the reason the Morphin Grid seemed connected to every point of space was because the Power flowed to every point of space and that the Morphin Grid had been designed to contained and control the raw Grid Energy to prevent it running wild and killing anything it touched. That led to other questions about what sort of being would be capable of accomplishing such a feat, but those questions were shelved in favour of studying the Grid.

The Morphin Masters worked tirelessly to build on their research, searching for ways to detect and measure the presence of the Power in different locations. And in doing so discovered that there were weaknesses in the dimensional barriers that allowed energy from the Morphin Grid to leak back into reality. In face some forms of energy were allowed to flow freely and they agreed that that was intentional.

Like the Time Lords and the Guardians of Oa before them, the Morphin Masters’ studies allowed them to identify the three types of energy that could be extracted from Grid Energy; spiritual energy, psychic energy and magical energy. Each with their own properties and behaviours. However, they soon discovered that there were more types of energy present than they first believed. They had wrongly assumed that Grid Energy and magic were the same when in fact they behaved in different ways. Grid Energy shared properties with all of the other types of energy, but was extremely dangerous.

However, in leaking through the boundaries of the Morphin Grid, the energy became less volatile without losing its potency. Raw Grid Energy especially was radically altered in the process although it was still almost impossible to control and extremely dangerous to touch.

The Morphin Masters wisely chose not to attempt to study some of the other energy types they detected, realising that doing so would put their equipment and their lives at risk.

While the Time Lords had fought to remove all traces of magic from the universe and the Guardians of Oa had done all in their power to contain it and dissuade others from using it, the Morphin Masters chose to experiment with all forms of the Power although most of their research would be directed at understanding how Grid Energy worked.

They concluded that while spiritual energy appeared to be the weakest type of energy, when drawn upon in the right way using the primitive techniques the Morphin Masters developed, it could be extremely powerful. In fact upon more detailed inspection the Morphin Masters grew to understand that this energy was to be found in all living things and was essential ingredient for life to grow on a planet.

Psychic energy was not as widespread but leaked through in greater concentrations, allowing those that possessed the ability to channel it to perform greater feats. However the effects of psychic energy required a great deal of concentration to sustain them.

In comparison magic was by far the more potent form of energy, but the most difficult to control. Unlike psychic energy there did not seem to be any biological requirements to use it.

And then there was Grid Energy. Grid Energy was extremely powerful, difficult to control and if not handled carefully, could cause immense damage to the environment.

With each discovery the Morphin masters shared their knowledge with others, allowing them to conduct their own research, much to the chagrin of the government of Gallifrey who had erased magic from their own society and were not pleased that others were reintroducing it to the universe at large.

However despite their best efforts not to fall into the trap that others had stumbled upon in the past, the Morphin Masters had failed to account for the arrogance of those they worked with. When the Morphin Masters gave their first theories about the nature of the Morphin Grid, others reached the assumption that they were correct and went on to preach that this was the way that the Morphin Grid worked.

The result was the mistaken belief that the Morphin Grid was composed of a single form of energy broadcast on thirty different wavelengths. A whole belief structure would emerge around those ‘facts’ and despite later discoveries, this theory of how the Grid worked would remain in place long after the Morphin Masters had passed on.

In fact the power structure that had been described was only a small part of the Morphin Grid. The Grid was made up of countless variations of magical, psychic and spiritual energy. It was not a pool of power as the Morphin Masters had first believed, nor a raging river, or even a vast ocean… it was a combination of all those things contained within the thin walls of an endless dimension.

Over the course of millions of years the Morphin Masters unlocked the secrets of the Morphin Grid, using their knowledge to build vast wonders throughout the cosmos. At first their creations were scientific in nature using the Morphin Grid as a powers source, but as their knowledge, skill and confidence grew, their creations became more organic in design. Stones and crystals replaced the printed circuit board and microchip as the Morphin Masters evolved alongside the Power.

Eventually the time came when the Morphin Masters felt they had discovered everything they could about the Morphin Grid from the outside. Their facilities were spread throughout space and their inventions had found their way into the hands of some of the most celebrated heroes… and reviled villains.

After a confrontation with a monstrous villain that had attempted to force his way into the lower planes, the Morphin Masters decided that they needed the knowledge they could only find inside the Morphin Grid, where they could embrace its power. And so they took the next step toward enlightenment, using their archway technology to transport themselves into the Morphin Grid for the first time.

End of Part

End of part.

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