Morphin Masters: The Gift

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Morphin Masters: The Gift

Although their ascension was supposed to mark the end of their presence in their former dimension, the Morphin Masters continued to return for centuries following the event as they undertook a new mission to connect as many worlds to a useable form of Grid Energy. When the First Ones had created the planets, they had placed a fragment of crystal deep inside each world. That fragment drew upon the spiritual energy leaking in from the Morphin Grid and helped encourage and sustain life on the newly formed worlds. Later such crystals would often lead the the appearance of magic and psychic energy on those worlds.

The Morphin Masters now chose to improve upon the First One’s work by boring holes deep into each planet and modifying the crystal fragments to act as conduits for a new form of Grid Energy. With the new link established, steps were taken to place the fragments beyond the reach of lesser beings and the shafts were filled in once more. On some worlds they went further, creating the necessary connections from the core of the planet to an object through which the populace could access it. On Edenoi they created a great crystal the locals called the Heart of Edenoi. On the planet Phaedos they built a monolith through which the Power could be accessed along with a second temple that promised even greater power for those deemed worthy.

The Morphin Masters repeated their actions on worlds across the cosmos, using a form of Grid Energy they had developed to offer the protection of the Power to as many as possible.

Up until that point the Morphin Masters had only been able to create single links between those they deemed worthy and the Power. They had created teams of Power Rangers, but the powers had been unique to each team. Now after they found a way to communicate with the creatures that lived within the confines of the Morphin Grid, they had come up with a superior option. The creatures were composed of Grid Energy and like other beings found in the many higher dimensions, were capable of bestowing that energy to those they deemed worthy.

The Morphin Masters had convinced the creatures to lend their power to all those they deemed worthy and compatible. Through such an arrangement it was possible for hundred of people to draw upon the Grid Energy at one time as opposed to a single team. Those using such powers would not receive the strength and power of the former teams the Morphin Masters had created because the amount of energy a body could safely draw upon was limited without a proper conduit. But even at half-power those that would gain access to the Power would have a greater defence in the fight against evil.

The Morphin Masters had convinced thirty two creatures to join their endeavour. In years to come through the loss and rediscovery of knowledge, there would be many that believed this to be the Morphin Grid itself.

And in times to come it would be the powers locked inside the temple on Phaedos that would herald the rise of the first new team of powered warriors. And on Edenoi the Heart of Edenoi would lead to the emergence of one of the universe’s most notable defenders. And on other worlds armies would emerge and train in the use of the Power for combat.

In years to come the Power would be considered a miracle to be worshipped as a religion. The true nature of the Morphin Grid and the Morphin Masters would remain lost until the time of rediscovery when the truth would be revealed and the belief that had lasted for generations would be shaken to its core.

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Morphin Masters: Ascension

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whomever owns the copyright. Not profit is made from this piece of writing, it is purely a fanwork.

Morphin Masters: Ascension

"The Morphin Masters were craftsmen without compare. During their earliest days spent studying the nature of the Grid, their creations were large, physical and infused with the Power upon completion. They worked in all manner of materials from wood to metal. But it was when they discovered how to enter and leave the Morphin Grid that their creations became so much more. No longer were they toying with physical materials and imbuing it with energy… now they were taking the energy and shaping it into matter."

– An Unknown Observer

"Grid Energy changes those exposed to it. In high doses it can cause the break down of tissues and extreme mutations at a cellular level. If treatment is not sought and extreme care exercised such exposure can prove fatal. In lower levels over a prolonged period those exposed to Grid Energy become more efficient at handling it effects. It is true that as a group, we Morphin Masters had seen an improvement to our health and longevity caused by exposure to latent Grid Energy.

Our new task is to find a way to safely mitigate the effects of short-term exposure to high levels of Grid Energy at least long enough to safely enter and leave the Morphin Grid."

– Unaccredited Morphin Master

It was an exciting day for all Morphin Masters. After billions-of-years of research and preparation, the time had come for The Ascension. The Morphin Masters planned to enter the Morphin Grid and make it their new home, leaving behind the physical world where they had previously lived.

When the First Ones had departed the mortal realm, they had left behind several of the races that they had chosen to be a part of their first alliance. It had been their hope that these races would rise up and help guide the evolution of the lower dimension and history showed that they had done so.

All had had some success, even going so far as to find ways to transcend their mortal state to something more suited to their role. The Time Lords had achieved such changes through exposure to a rift in space and time, and genetic alterations. The Maltusians had used a symbiotic relationship to limit their mortality. And the Morphin Masters had over millions of years of exposure to the Morphin Grid found themselves altered into something less mortal.

Prolonged exposure to the energies within the Morphin Grid had altered their physiologies. It was inevitable that with such constant exposure to such raw magical, psychic and spiritual energy, they were bound to evolve. They became powerful, capable of bestowing gifts upon the ones they left behind or of bringing destruction upon the physical universe. Time had shown that they were not immune to the temptation such power offered and that even the most well-meaning of their kind could be corrupted by the darker emotions the use of Grid Energy seemed to cause.

And now the Morphin Masters were looking forward to not only a relocation into the Morphin Grid, but a reunion with family from across the universe – for access to the Morphin Grid had allowed the Morphin Masters to travel the cosmos, spreading their society throughout existence.

Yet despite the excitement there was an underlying tension. There were rumours that some of those attempting to make the transition into the Morphin Grid had vanished. There had even been reports of catastrophic failures of the Morphin Masters’ technology resulting in planets being devastated by the resulting explosions.

There were rumours that some new darkness had been unleashed upon the universe and that the Morphin Masters had attracted its attention. There were even whispers that a new type of energy had been discovered inside the Grid, which had coincided with the emergence and that this energy had corrupted a part of the Grid itself.

It was therefore not a surprise to find that while any were excited about reunions and new horizons, some had come to the conclusion that they were running away from something and leaving the rest of the population of their old home to face it.

Regardless of the true reasons for The Ascension, it was finally happening. As Morphin Masters around the universe gathered their belonging and made the preparations needs to handle the sudden spike in Grid Energy, those members of their society that had either chosen to remain behind or were unsuited to the harsh environment of the Grid bid them a fond farewell.

Billions of years earlier

The Dark One had been imprisoned by his father. The One had sealed him inside a dimension on the far side of the Morphin Grid, as far from any living being as he could find. And then he had sealed the dimension using every known technique to create the layered locks that would restrain his wayward son for all time.

Of course The One had not foreseen the evolution of the universe or how certain races would grow up while his attention was diverted. He had not foreseen the possibility that a race could access the energy he tried so hard to control and that the resulting explosion would be enough to cause a small hole in the prison he had constructed. The hold had sealed almost immediately, but the Dark One’s power and influence had interacted with the energy and corrupted it. From there it had set in motion a series of events that would one day lead to the rise of followers capable of releasing him. And the Morphin Masters would be a key part of his plan.

A long time after The Ascension and the Morphin Masters had become beings of myth and legend. Since that day members of their society had frequently returned from the Grid long enough to impart their knowledge to those willing to listen. But as time had moved on so the Morphin Masters’ appearances had become less frequent.

Their studies of the Morphin Grid had spanned many generations and billions of years. Their knowledge of how things worked had grown and as they had uncovered the mysteries of the Grid, so their technology had changed to embrace their discoveries.

However, more and more of the time was being spent inside the Morphin Grid and many of them had started to feel more at home within its boundaries than outside.

It took almost four thousand years before the Morphin Masters were seen again. Many believed that they were gone for good, perhaps weakened from their efforts to stay there so long. The truth was that time passed differently inside the Morphin Grid. Each day the Morphin Masters journeyed further into the source of the Power and unlocked more and more secrets. They had revised their understanding of the Morphin Grid several times as new facts proved their earlier theories wrong.

The Grid was so much more than they had ever dreamed. For the inside of the Grid was seemingly endless. And it was not limited to a single universe as the Morphin masters had once believed. Instead it spread through all existences, touching every plane, dimension and realm. It was connected to the brightest stars in the heavens and the pitch darkness that lurked within the depths of a demonic hell.

Not only was the Grid a place of power and energy, it had its own ecosystem. There were creatures living within the dimension that the Morphin Masters had never seen before. Some were humanoid in shape, others were more animalistic. Then there were those that defied explanation with forms that were truly alien to the travellers. However, regardless of their appearances they shared a common nature of being created from the elements and energy that existed within the Morphin Grid, an environment that somehow also allowed the Morphin Masters to survive.

As years passed the Morphin Masters uncovered more and more secrets about the workings of the Morphin Grid. Inside its confines they learned the skills necessary to transform energy into matter, giving it form as they did so. With practice they were able to build simply constructs using the energy around them and then transform the energy into physical materials. And as part of that learning they masters the arts of conjuring and directing energy at targets and willing that energy to take on the shapes that they needed.

It was with their mastery of such techniques that some of the Morphin Masters felt the need to return to the world outside of the Morphin Grid and share their new knowledge with those they had left behind. The majority however chose to journey onward, seeking out new secrets within the never-ending expanse of their new home. But first they at least agreed to help make the various forces within the Grid more stable in their original dimension.

And so they journeyed to the world of Magitopia and there they created the Magical Source and the Mystic Force, the conduits through which magic could flow into the universe safely before spreading out across the stars. This was not all the magic within the Grid, but they knew that accessing such power would one day lead to new races capable of handling the more potent powers the Grid could offer. And to watch over and monitor how magic functioned in its new environment, they created the Tribunal of Magic: three powerful entities granted the ability to control and regulate the flow of magical and mystical energy.

Next the Morphin Masters travelled to the temples and foundries they had built during their early days learning about the Grid. Using their vast understanding and manipulation of Grid Energy, they cast spells to hide the locations from those seeking them except where the need existed and the intention was worthy. They hid many of their larger constructs, the pylons they had created to channel the Power before they found better ways to do so. They did the same for the Morphin Engines they had placed on previously lifeless worlds to help encourage them to grow. And finally they gathered as many of their creations as possible and placed them with a large storage facility on the planet Imphos. There they set a guardian capable of assessing the needs of those that wished to remove an item and capable of ejecting those that did so with the intention of abusing the Morphin Masters’ legacy.

And a a final gift and act of protection for their former home, the Morphin Masters created the Emissaries to convey messages between the mortal realm and the Morphin Masters. For it had become apparent that prolonged exposure to the Grid had caused them to evolve beyond the mere mortals they had once been. They were now gods worthy of worship and steeped in the power of the Grid. And to ensure that their will could be enforced upon those that might abuse their gifts, the Morphin Masters created the Empyreals, their angels of death and rebirth, to purge those that defiled their works and replace them with something new…

They did not realise that their actions had caused a shift in the cosmic balance, breaking the remaining seals that had kept the upper dimensions locked away as well as stressing those that kept the Dark One restrained. With their final departure, the other dimensions were now freely accessible to those that had the means, the desire and the mentality to open them. And with such an act they had brought the unsuspecting mortal realm to the attention of those that would seek to add it to their own domains.

They also failed to understand that their ascension had caused the people of the universe to worship them as gods and in doing they had changed the nature of the Power as most mortals understood it for generations to come.

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Morphin Masters: Rising

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers, they belong to their respective copyright owners and are used here without permission. No money is being made from this fic. In addition some of the history in this universe is adapted and mangled from the Star Wars universe and belongs to the respective copyright owners.

Morphin Masters: Rising

There is a dimension that runs parallel to our own through the entirety of existence. It is my belief that this dimension is somehow connected to every location in the cosmos and that by accessing it, we can use this dimension to traverse the stars.

This dimension is unlike any other we have uncovered. I believe that it is a realm of energy constantly shifting and changing. But despite its fluid state, it can still be mapped and navigated. I have named it: The Morphin Grid.

The teachings of the first pioneers were known to every student of the Power. They had been raised to understand the history of their race and the theories that had guided them from a simple means to avoid the need for long space flights to a deep understanding of the extra-dimensional energies that lay beyond.

In the early days the energy contained within the Morphin Grid had seemed unimportant. As time had progressed, the need to understand and master those energies had become their primary concern. A whole doctrine had grown out of their findings.

They had not been the ones to coin the phrase Morphin Masters, although that was how they were now known. They were not a single race from a lone world, but a grouping of scientists and others who had been drawn together in their studies. And through generations they had formed a new society that both worshipped and studied the wonders of the Morphin Grid.

It had been though the sacrifice of one of their greatest scientists, a man whose name had been celebrated since he made his successful trip through the Morphin Grid to the far side of the cosmos. The name Morvin Nought would forever be revered as one of their greatest discoverers, some even referring to him as the Morphinaut.

Sadly the Morphinaut had lost contact after his journey before he could attempt to return. His exact fate had never been uncovered, but it seemed that the world he had chosen as a destination had not been friendly. It was the reason why following his success the Morphin Masters had slowed their efforts, learning as much as they could through slow and steady progress.

It was following the Morphinaut’s successful trip that the Morphin Masters started to study the Morphin Grid as something more than just an easy means of transportation. With their archway technology perfected to where they had been able to cross whole galaxies at a time – for despite their best efforts they had never been able to replicate the Morphinaut’s initial success – they considered what other secrets that strange dimension could hold.

It was a shock when they realised just how vast the Morphin Grid was. And that was despite their knowledge that it was spread throughout the cosmos – the Morphinaut’s theories had speculated that the Morphin Grid actually extended beyond their plane of existence and touched all dimensions within their universe.

Regardless the sheer power the Morphin Grid contained was astounding. Their attempts to tap into the Morphin Grid to draw upon its power had been a disaster, killing over a dozen workers before the breach had been sealed. It had revealed just how potent and dangerous the Power could be in its raw state.

Over thousands-of-years of study they came to realise that the Power was not comprised of a single form of energy. The Power was the combination of many types of energy that came to rest inside the boundaries of the Morphin Grid. Later they changed their theory to state that the many types of energy within the Morphin Grid all came from the breakdown of the Power into its less volatile components.

The Morphin Masters also drew the conclusion that the reason the Morphin Grid seemed connected to every point of space was because the Power flowed to every point of space and that the Morphin Grid had been designed to contained and control the raw Grid Energy to prevent it running wild and killing anything it touched. That led to other questions about what sort of being would be capable of accomplishing such a feat, but those questions were shelved in favour of studying the Grid.

The Morphin Masters worked tirelessly to build on their research, searching for ways to detect and measure the presence of the Power in different locations. And in doing so discovered that there were weaknesses in the dimensional barriers that allowed energy from the Morphin Grid to leak back into reality. In face some forms of energy were allowed to flow freely and they agreed that that was intentional.

Like the Time Lords and the Guardians of Oa before them, the Morphin Masters’ studies allowed them to identify the three types of energy that could be extracted from Grid Energy; spiritual energy, psychic energy and magical energy. Each with their own properties and behaviours. However, they soon discovered that there were more types of energy present than they first believed. They had wrongly assumed that Grid Energy and magic were the same when in fact they behaved in different ways. Grid Energy shared properties with all of the other types of energy, but was extremely dangerous.

However, in leaking through the boundaries of the Morphin Grid, the energy became less volatile without losing its potency. Raw Grid Energy especially was radically altered in the process although it was still almost impossible to control and extremely dangerous to touch.

The Morphin Masters wisely chose not to attempt to study some of the other energy types they detected, realising that doing so would put their equipment and their lives at risk.

While the Time Lords had fought to remove all traces of magic from the universe and the Guardians of Oa had done all in their power to contain it and dissuade others from using it, the Morphin Masters chose to experiment with all forms of the Power although most of their research would be directed at understanding how Grid Energy worked.

They concluded that while spiritual energy appeared to be the weakest type of energy, when drawn upon in the right way using the primitive techniques the Morphin Masters developed, it could be extremely powerful. In fact upon more detailed inspection the Morphin Masters grew to understand that this energy was to be found in all living things and was essential ingredient for life to grow on a planet.

Psychic energy was not as widespread but leaked through in greater concentrations, allowing those that possessed the ability to channel it to perform greater feats. However the effects of psychic energy required a great deal of concentration to sustain them.

In comparison magic was by far the more potent form of energy, but the most difficult to control. Unlike psychic energy there did not seem to be any biological requirements to use it.

And then there was Grid Energy. Grid Energy was extremely powerful, difficult to control and if not handled carefully, could cause immense damage to the environment.

With each discovery the Morphin masters shared their knowledge with others, allowing them to conduct their own research, much to the chagrin of the government of Gallifrey who had erased magic from their own society and were not pleased that others were reintroducing it to the universe at large.

However despite their best efforts not to fall into the trap that others had stumbled upon in the past, the Morphin Masters had failed to account for the arrogance of those they worked with. When the Morphin Masters gave their first theories about the nature of the Morphin Grid, others reached the assumption that they were correct and went on to preach that this was the way that the Morphin Grid worked.

The result was the mistaken belief that the Morphin Grid was composed of a single form of energy broadcast on thirty different wavelengths. A whole belief structure would emerge around those ‘facts’ and despite later discoveries, this theory of how the Grid worked would remain in place long after the Morphin Masters had passed on.

In fact the power structure that had been described was only a small part of the Morphin Grid. The Grid was made up of countless variations of magical, psychic and spiritual energy. It was not a pool of power as the Morphin Masters had first believed, nor a raging river, or even a vast ocean… it was a combination of all those things contained within the thin walls of an endless dimension.

Over the course of millions of years the Morphin Masters unlocked the secrets of the Morphin Grid, using their knowledge to build vast wonders throughout the cosmos. At first their creations were scientific in nature using the Morphin Grid as a powers source, but as their knowledge, skill and confidence grew, their creations became more organic in design. Stones and crystals replaced the printed circuit board and microchip as the Morphin Masters evolved alongside the Power.

Eventually the time came when the Morphin Masters felt they had discovered everything they could about the Morphin Grid from the outside. Their facilities were spread throughout space and their inventions had found their way into the hands of some of the most celebrated heroes… and reviled villains.

After a confrontation with a monstrous villain that had attempted to force his way into the lower planes, the Morphin Masters decided that they needed the knowledge they could only find inside the Morphin Grid, where they could embrace its power. And so they took the next step toward enlightenment, using their archway technology to transport themselves into the Morphin Grid for the first time.

End of Part

End of part.

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Morphin Masters: The Fallen Master

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. They belong to whomever owns the copyright. Not profit is made from this piece of writing, it is purely a fanwork.

Morphin Masters: The Fallen Master

"The Morphin Masters started out as a collection of individuals united by their interest in the nature of the Power. Over time and through the things they experience they grew to consider each other family. They became an order dedicated to the ways of the Morphin Grid in service of the Power. When they left this dimension to seek out their answers it was believed that they were the chosen ones, the best that this dimension could offer. And when they returned, bringing with them the new knowledge they had acquired, we thought they could do no wrong… We were mistaken.
We believed that just because they were dedicated they were free from the weaknesses that came from being human. We thought they were above greed and jealously, that they were beyond the pettiness that drives others to commit terrible acts. They were not.
When one of their brothers gave in to temptation, the others were too blind to see what he had become and the Animaria Cluster paid the price. And from that tragedy we all learned the lesson that even Morphin Masters can succumb to the darkness if given the opportunity. Now the Animaria Cluster is gone, the traitor is vanquished and the Morphin Masters are left to try and rebuild their shattered order. We can only wish them luck."
– Sire Lentinvous

Promethean Galaxy
Long Ago

The Promethean Galaxy was found on the furthest point of the cosmos, far from where every had begun. It was the marker between the universe that the early alliance of races had forced to obey the rules of physics and the places where those rules only sometimes applied. It was suggested that it was here that the barriers between the physical plane and the higher dimensions was at its weakest and where the power of the Morphin Grid was at its most potent. For even if the boundaries between dimensions were as strong as they were elsewhere, in this place they were clearly visible. It was from here that the near mortal realms could be accessed by conventional methods.

Animaria was one of the larger star systems within the Promethean Galaxy. It had been one of the first systems to be filled with planets where mortal beings could survive. And while its many thousands of worlds had been slow to evolve, the variety of life that had emerged had been a considered a complete success. It was a system that the legendary beings known as the Morphin Masters had sworn to watch over, the the self-proclaimed Guardians of the Universe had placed under their protection and even the Time Lords of Gallifrey had declared to be of special interest.

For the Animaria Cluster contained many stars and countless worlds and creatures of all kinds. There were worlds filled with lizard beings, others ruled by apes, and some where ducks were the dominant life form. There were worlds where the creatures were closer to animals and others where they had a more humanoid appearance. On some worlds they were beings filled with magic and power. It was a place of life and magnificence.

It was therefore with great sorrow that the people of the wider cosmos witnessed the destruction of the Animaria Cluster at the hands of one of those they had come to look upon as protectors. And the Morphin Master had learned the terrible truth that despite their common goal to unlock the secrets of the Morphion Grid, there were some among them that had their own agenda. There were some that did not value life and freedom as the majority did. There were some that wished to claim the Power as their own regardless of the consequences.

Argrom had at first been a firm believer in the Morphin Master’s cause. He had not been a part of the first group to assemble, but he had joined their order a few years later when word of their discoveries had spread. And he had proven an asset to the group with a logical mind and an instinctive knowledge of how things worked.

But then Argrom had been among a number of Morphin Masters that had been convinced to peer into the depths into the depths of an enchanted mirror. They had been told that the mirror could show their future and the path that they should follow. They did not realise that those that had created it were servants of a great evil that could pervert the images it showed to twist their minds and make them its servants. Argrom had emerged from his vision with a new sense of purpose, but lacking the inhibitions that might have once prevented him from acting against his vows to never use the knowledge he gained about the power for selfish or evil reasons. Where once he had sought the knowledge of the Power to enrich the lives of those around him, now he desired only power and understood that there were quicker ways to obtain it.

It had long been known that when the First Ones had shaped a planet, they had placed crystallised chunks of Morphin Energy beneath the surface, using the power of the Morphin Grid to bring life and in some cases magic to the newly formed world. In the past Argrom had appreciated the way that the Power was so closely linked to life within the cosmos. In his new state, Argrom believed that the First Ones had stolen the power of the Morphin Grid from its rightful owner to infest the universe with life. He also knew that upon using that stolen energy to free his new master, he would be rewarded with power beyond his wildest dreams.

Maerok had vowed to put things right, taking back the power and using it to restore his new benefactor – the one that had promised him his greatest wishes fulfilled. The Animaria Cluster had been his first target. Argrom had found a way to extract the fragments, killing whole planets in the process. A side effect was that he absorbed the energy, growing more powerful each time he did so. The power he absorbed was addictive, driving him to commit more and more atrocities to accomplish his goal of a lifeless universe and to feed his habit.

It had taken time for the Morphin Masters to realise what he had been doing. When they did realise their first attempts to stop him had met with brutal resistance on his part and the deaths of those that confronted him. Argrom was not about to be stopped by anyone, even his brothers and sisters within the order.

It had taken the combined might of all the Morphin Masters to put an end to his rampage. They had used their numbers and power to subdue him, but not before he had mercilessly slaughtered as many of his former allies as he could. The Morphin Masters had been decimated, but had emerged victorious. Argrom had exhausted the power he had stolen and found himself bound, awaiting judgement by his peers.

It truth the Morphin Masters had not stopped him. They had captured him and prevented him from attacking more worlds, but his actions had already set in motion a wave of destruction that spread outward infecting more and more worlds as it did so. In order to remove the crystal from a world Argrom needed to poison the planet’s core, causing a breakdown in the planet’s structure and forcing the crystal shard into the physical world. Unfortunately once the process had started it could not be stopped and the planet’s he poisoned would tear themselves apart. Worse still, the poison was not always destroyed by the destruction of the planet and was projected through space to other planets, spreading the devastation.

In the immediate aftermath the emphasis was not on halting the disaster that had been unleashed, but saving as much as they could of whatever was left. Whole populations were relocated to new planets… in one case a fragment of a once powerful world was salvaged and taken to a new home. Many creatures were placed on board giant ships known as Arks and sent through space to a newly formed world where it was hoped that given time they would emerge and make the planet their own.

It had been months of hard work to save as much as possible and still they knew it had not been enough. Some races had been reduced to mere dozens in numbers; some had been lost and existed only as memories given form inside the Morphin Grid. The Animaria Cluster was a ruined mess of broken worlds, its population dead, dying or evacuated. And as its condition declined by the day, many believed it would not be long before the environment became too harsh for anything to last inside its borders.

Once the breakdown had started there was no way that it could be stopped, even though they had prevented it from being completed. The dark energies the act had unleashed had flowed through the solar system like a cancer consuming all in their path. It would not be long before the few worlds that had so far escaped the fate of their neighbours succumbed to the poison that had been injected into the star system. Before long the stars themselves would start to die as a result. And if left unchecked then the destruction would soon reach beyond the limits of the Animaria Cluster, out into the wider cosmos. The Forbidden Ritual could not be halted, but there was a way to slow its progress.

The Morphin Masters hoped that one day they would forgive themselves for turning to such a scheme. If left unchecked the devastation would spread across whole systems within a few years. But if the Morphin Masters took action to slow and contain the growing void, there was a chance to slow its progress to a near halt. Doing so required them to remove the planets and worlds upon which the ritual would feed upon in order to maintain itself. The Morphin Masters would destroy everything that the dark energies had not yet corrupted, forming a barrier between the edge of the void and the neighbouring solar systems. Like a fire break it would weaken the ritual enough that their shielding spells would hold it back permanently. Sadly their actions had left the once beautiful solar system a gaping void.

And now there was the matter of punishing the one that had caused so much loss all for his selfish gains. And although he had once been a Morphin Master and they had called him brother, his actions were unforgivable. That his crimes included the killing his peers when they had tried to make him see sense had sealed his fate.

"You have no right to do this!" the criminal declared. "You have no right to judge me."

"Perhaps we do not," one of the three Morphin Masters selected to act as his judges replied. "But we shall do so anyway. Your lies have been exposed, the truth is known. The evidence of your crimes is plain for all to see. Your lack of remorse for what you have done could not be any clearer. You have brought about the death of countless races, destroyed untold worlds and corrupted the essence of the Morphin Grid through your acts. You have killed your brothers and sister within this order, enacted forbidden rituals and disgraced your position."

"You were our brother and you betrayed us," the Red Morphin Master announced. "You killed those that tried to help you break free of whatever madness drove you to commit such heinous acts. But there was never really any madness there for you to overcome. We can see now that you have always known exactly what you were doing."

"You have broken your oath never to use our knowledge and power for personal gain," Yellow Master added. "You were aware of what would happen when you drained these planets and still you continued."

"Your actions have polluted the Animaria Cluster darkness that can never be purged, only contained," Blue Master added. "Your actions have cost the lives of countless innocents. What do you say for yourself?"

"I do not need to answer to the likes of you," Argrom snarled. Unlike the others he did not wear the traditional robes and helmet of a Morphin Master. Nor did he carry the tradition staff having discarded his in favour of the sword he had used to channel his new power. "You might be content to be pawns of the Power, carrying out its whims and using the power we were granted only to help others. But I will never allow myself to be a slave of the Morphin Grid. I was born to order, not obey and I chose to bend the Power to my will. You serve the Power, I command it. I am more now than I have ever been and more than you could ever hope to be."

"No," replied the Yellow Morphin Master, shaking her head sadly. "You have simply fallen so far that you can’t even see what you have lost. You believe you have overcome the will of the Power when all you have done is sever yourself from it. And even now you lie to yourself that this twisted energy you have gathered is somehow greater than what you had before. You’ve lost the abilities you were given the day you became one of us and haven’t even realised it. You have done something much worse than simply destroying planets… worse than destroying the Animaria Cluster and corrupting the Morphin Grid…. You have defiled yourself and you can’t even see how much you have lost."

"You rejected the will of the Power and so the Morphin Grid has rejected you. No longer will the Power answer your call. You have sacrificed the boundless, ever changing power of the Morphin Grid for the limited energy you stole from those worlds you destroyed. And you cannot even hold that power…" As he spoke the Blue Master held up a wicked looking sword. Even though he felt sick just holding the weapon, he could sense the power it held: the spiritual, psychic and magical energy of dozens of worlds. It didn’t start to compare to the power within the Morphin Grid.

In his arrogance their brother sacrificed a direct connection to the Power and been forced to rely on a sword to act as a tool capable of storing and channelling the powers he had stolen.

"You chose to forsake the power of the Morphin Grid in favour of power you are incapable of handling. This power is beyond your comprehension and now, it is gone/" The sword vanished with a pop. "And you have nothing."

"And that shall be your punishment," Red Morphin Master commanded. "You will be left with nothing. Since you decided to reject the Morphin Grid, so the Grid will forever deny you access. Never again will you touch it power of the Morphin Grid. Never again will it answer your call. To the Morphin Grid… you do not exist. So mote it be!"

"You will never leave this place, never return to the cosmos. You wanted to rule this system, now you shall have whatever survives for as long as it remains," Yellow Master declared. "We banish you from the Morphin Grid, we exile you from this dimension. So mote it be!"

"You shall remain here, trapped within this void outside the rest of the cosmos until the end comes. And then, you may disappear," Blue Master concluded. "Your name will be stricken from our records, your prior deeds forgotten. You name will be remembered only for the crimes you committed and the price you paid as a lesson to others of what awaits them if they follow your path. So mote it be!"

"So mote it be!" the others replied and the renegade Morphin Masters felt the power of their words take hold of him. The power of the Morphin Grid washed through him and then it was gone, leaving him empty. But somewhere deep inside he could feel the darkness he had created and knew that all was not lost.

"And now we will leave you to your fate," Red Master announced as the witnesses gathered and readied themselves to leave. "Enjoy the fruits of your labour, brother. For when this hellish void you created ends, so shall you… Goodbye, brother."

And with that they vanished, leaving the renegade alone and powerless in the darkness he had created.

Just beyond the perimeter of the Animaria Cluster, the three Morphin Masters reappeared alongside their brothers. There witnesses from nearby solar systems saw a sight few others would ever see as before them thousands of portals into the Mrophin Grid formed as more and more Morphin Masters set foot into the Promethean Galaxy. And there they united with the brothers and sisters of their order to prevent the spread of the darkness the renegade had unleashed. Together they called forth the most potent and primitive powers of the Morphin Grid: the powers of creation. And using those energies, they forced the growing void that was Animaria outside reality.

"Through no fault of its own and no wrongdoing by its people, the Animaria Cluster has been corrupted by an evil we cannot purge. To protect the rest of existence we must cast it into the Negative Zone that lines between universes. May it remain within that place until the end of everything. Then may it return to find peace."

It took a massive amount of power to cause the changes the Morphin Masters desired. For without intending to they had unknowing infected another dimension with the corruption they had sought to contain. Still the deed was done and although the crumbling remains of what would in future be called the Animaria Void were still visible, the area was impossible to enter. Ships attempting to enter its borders found it impossible to stay on course and were soon turned around.

And that was the way that the Animaria Void would remain for billions of years as generation after generation would visit to see the expanding void and the crumbling worlds. It was a sad yet strangely beautiful sight that would entrance generations.

As for those survivors of the disaster… the relocated peoples of the Animaria Cluster had been spread out across the cosmos. There they adapted to their new homes creating new societies. Those that resembled humanoids became part of the greater society while those that were closer to beasts found themselves at home in their new lands. And as a final gift, act of penance for their brother’s actions, the Morphin Masters used their understanding of the Morphin Grid to make those new homes capable of supporting new life until the end of days.

Argrom had failed him, but it had not bee a complete loss. The Animaria Cluster had granted him some energy. Not enough for him to break free from his imprisonment, but enough to awaken his influence throughout the cosmos. In time others would hear his call and some of them would answer him. And when the time was right they would give him the means to breach the barriers and allow him to reclaim first the Morphin Grid and then the rest of existence from those that had usurped his reign. It was just a matter of waiting… something he had mastered long ago.

End of Part

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Rise and Fall of the Guardians

Disclaimer: I do not own Green Lantern or Doctor Who. Green Lantern and associated characters belong to DC Comics. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.

Rise and Fall of the Guardians

Existence had changed and it was the fault of the Time Lords of Gallifrey. Their need to define and control the way in which the universe operated had at first been a campaign many had been able to rally behind. The establishment of the fundamental rules of science and logic that placed mathematics above all other pseudo-sciences had been met with quiet acceptance. Their experiments and eventual implementation of the Laws of Time – not to mention the rather flimsy timeline that they had created to help maintain order had been something many had gotten behind. Even their insistence on the restriction of time travel had proven acceptable, although some had asked why Gallifrey was allowed to control their experiments while restricting others?

But it had been their zealous attempt to remove all traces of the force known as magic from the cosmos that had lost them their support. Not only had their campaign led to the mass destruction of known, respected and peaceful races, they had failed to accomplish what they had promised. For the most part magic remained completely untamed by the Time Lords. For their campaign had not only failed, but the aftermath had rendered them blind to most forms of magical energy. They would forever believe they had succeeded when in fact their minds and senses had been altered to completely ignore the possibility that magic still existed. In their minds the Time Lords would now believe that anything magical was simply a manifestation of psychic energy or spiritual energy.

While they had failed in their ultimate goal, the Time Lords had been partially successful. They had discovered the means to direct magical energy into crystalline structures, where it could be contained. As more and more magical energy drained into the containers, the crystal structures would grow larger, ensuring that they would never overflow. And because of the density of the crystal structure, it was almost impossible for them to break open.

Of course such a high concentration of magical energy in one place was bound to draw unwanted attention. The Time Lords responded to that threat by forcing the growing crystals into dimensional pockets where they would remain beyond the reach of other beings, not realising that over time those dimensions would start leaking magical energy back to where it came from.

And the magical creatures they had attempted to destroy had survived their banishment to the void that formed a cushion between the walls separating one reality from another. There they flourished and grew more powerful, waiting for the opportunity to return and take their revenge upon the sane and rational universe.

Inadvertently, the Time Lords had broken the barriers between dimensions and caused the walls that held the universes apart to weaken whenever they had used their technology to forge new dimensions. And those breaches allowed beings previously prevented from entering their dimension to do so. Worse, their activities had created tears in the walls that were supposed to stop universes colliding. In doing so they had created openings between their universe and four of its neighbours, exposing their reality to the horrors that lay beyond.

But perhaps their greatest error had been to expose the existence of the multiverse to races that had previously been unaware of its existence. That error would lead to other races researching the nature of the cosmos and to some discovering technology that would rival the Time Lords for dominance. It was after these and other errors in judgement were brought to the attention of Gallifrey’s citizens that their High Council decreed that the Time Lords would refrain from further interference. They would observe but not intervene. That remained their policy for a long time until some saw the need to intervene once more.

While the Time Lords had been busy actively drawing attention to themselves and pretending to be one of the original races to emerge in place of the First Ones, the Guardians of Oa could trace their origins back to the early days of the cosmos. Originally from the planet Maltus, the Guardians in their early days had been tall black-haired beings with pale blue skin. At an early stage in their development they came into contact with a race of symbiotic beings that lived on their world. Through the union, the symbiotes fed upon the spiritual energy generated by the hosts and in return the Maltusians gained near immortality.

As time passed and the race evolved, the Maltusians grew in intelligence and developed strong psychic abilities. They became a race of thinkers and scientists eager to learn more about the universe around them. They developed the means of space travel and many forms of advanced technology. It was during their exploration of the universe that they realised how chaotic the cosmos was.

The Maltusians worked with others to firmly establish the rules of physics that defined their part of the universe. Through the use of advanced technology and sheer will they helped to change the nature their dimensional plane. Over time the number of experiments conducted by the Maltusians increased. They start to experiment not only on the world around them, but on other living beings. The Maltusians modified several races as they tried to learn more about alien biology. They created a race known as the Psions which they later rejected and briefly considered destroying.

In other fields of science the Maltusians also expanded their knowledge with little regard for those that they inadvertently harmed in the process. Their experiments destroyed several planets and drastically changed the environments on others. Their research with chemicals led to the poisoning of the population of one world and for a time put an end to those pursuits.

At some point the Maltusians discovered a source of energy fuelled by the collective emotions of the universe. The energy was a hybrid of psychic energy and spiritual energy. Through careful research the Maltusians discovered that the energy was a mixture of several emotions and that by concentrating upon a single emotion, it was possible to make the energy change colour. With sufficient concentration the energy could be used to create constructs of solid light. The Maltusians started to call their new energy The Glow.

Through the strict application of science the Maltusians were able to record and measure the wavelength needed to produce each colour of light. This in turn told them the wavelength of each emotion and allowed them to isolate those wavelengths. The Maltusians found that one of the wavelengths corresponded to the collective willpower of the cosmos. Soon they decided to suppress their emotions in order to focus purely upon willpower.

As they studied the nature of their new energy source, they discovered the existence of entities capable of not only using the energy they had been studying, but enhancing its power. While at first the Maltusians were intrigued by the possibilities such creatures represented, they deemed the creatures dangerous and had them imprisoned.

But it was the attempt to learn more about the origins of their universe that led to their gravest error. With a limited understanding of time travel technology, which would prove drastically inferior to that of the Time Lords, the scientist Krona attempted to look back to the creation of the Universe. Using time bending technology to circumvent the protections placed upon that period by looking forward in time and creating a temporal loop, Krona wished to confirm the truth of the legends his people had recited for generations concerning their origins.

It was unknown where the bolt of cosmic energy came from, but the resulting damage to the machinery caused it to punch a hole in the fabric of creation, allowing dark forces from the previous existence to enter. Those forces upset the balance in the universe as chaos and evil gained the upper hand.

Despite denying any responsibility for Krona and his unauthorised experiments, the Maltusian leadership felt honour bound to clean up the mess he had created. For his part in the fiasco, Krona was sentenced to death, but since their people did not have a way to end his enhanced level of immortality, they settled for converting his body into energy and condemning him to drift through the cosmos until the end of time.

Determined to put things right and to restore the order they had disrupted, the Maltusians moved from Maltus to the planet Oa where they proclaimed themselves the Guardians of the Universe. They built an enormous battery on the planet’s surface in the shape of a lantern after discovering that is shape allowed it to channel energy more efficiently. After working for millions of years to build the battery and even longer to protect it from those that might steal its power, the Guardians began working on their new campaign to eliminate the evil their actions had brought into the cosmos.

To that end the Guardians created a machine race known as the Manhunters, programmed to hunt down evil. Unfortunately a glitch in their programming led the Manhunters to instead hunt down and destroy the living. The malfunctioning machines went on a rampage through the universe until the Guardians finally stopped them. Stripped of their power and left to rust on a distant world, the Manhunters’ new target was the Guardians.

The Guardians tried two more times to create a force to hunt down evil and restore order, but neither attempt was successful and for a time they gave up on their first plan and instead tried to bring about order through direct interference.

The Guardians took steps to try and limit the flow of extra-dimensional energy, especially magic, into their dimension. In their minds magic was dangerous and uncontrollable, and therefore needed to be contained. They took steps to gather and contain all the magic on Oa into a large crystals before sending it into deep space where gravity would compact it. They tried to do the same for other worlds they encountered, working unseen to clean up the cosmos. But  no matter how successful they were, the amount of magic seeping into their level of existence increased and when their activities were discovered, they were forced to apologise and step back..

The Guardians continued to try to intervene to stop the growing chaos, taking steps to limit those races they considered a danger or to ensure those they felt would one day be useful thrived. Eventually though it became clear that the Guardians were not making any real progress in their mission and were forced to concede defeat. They chose to withdraw while they worked upon a new solution, developing new means for other to act on their behalf, but with safeguards to prevent another massacre like the one instigated by the Manhunters.

For a long time the Guardians vanished from the cosmos to work on their technology. During that time they created a new weapon in their fight against evil: the Power Ring. The ring was a technological marvel; a super computer, communicator and weapon capable of directing the power of The Glow, which the Guardians had relabelled as the Emotional Spectrum.

The ring was tuned to draw and channel energy based upon willpower. Once connected to a suitable user, the ring could grant them many of the abilities the Guardians enjoyed without the need for their vast psychic abilities. So long as the user had a strong enough will and the imagination to use the ring, they could accomplish almost anything.

When the first ring proved a success, more were created. However, for those rings that followed the Guardians altered the design so that the rings were not directly connected to their power source. This allowed the Guardians a means to safely disable a ring should the bearer turn on them. Instead each ring contained the ability to hold a limited charge before needing to top up it supply from a portable power cell, which resembled the battery on the Guardians’ world.

To recharge the ring a request needed to be made to access the power held within the portable power cell, which in turn allowed the Guardians to review their agents’ activities before agreeing to grant them more energy.

However, the success of the power ring brought with it arguments within the ranks of the Guardians and deep divisions on Oa. There were arguments about whether the Guardians had the responsibility and the right to intervene in the affairs of the cosmos. There were also those that considered the reliance upon willpower as a source of energy to place unwelcome limitations on their agents. The Maltusians split into tribes reflecting their beliefs and as years passed, many departed Oa to build their own technology to create their own agents.

Strangely, when they emerged the Guardians discovered that they had spent far longer in their self-imposed exile than they had planned. The universe had moved on without them and the dangers they had sought to overcome had been defeated or overcome by others. While they were far from being obsolete, the creation of their new Green Lantern Corps received a muted response from a universe that had spent generations under the protection of the fabled Morphin Masters.

The tribes that had departed Oa with the intention of creating their own Lantern Corps soon found new worlds on which to build their power batteries. In time the tribes would reunite to face a greater evil and in time they would discover that the magic they had managed to contain and hide away so many years before had since been uncovered. In their efforts to restrain the spread of magic through the cosmos, the Guardians had unwittingly made it more accessible.

They would also discover in due time that they were not the only ones to have mastered the powers of the Emotional Spectrum. Others had attempted it over the years the Guardians had been away and some had even succeeded despite lacking any sort of psychic ability. In the future those beings would present the Guardians with their greatest challenge and perhaps even their existence.

End of Part

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Genesis of the Time Lords

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who. It belongs to the BBC.
Author's Note: Okay, the events in this story use the tale of the Timeless Child with a few small changes. I don't have a problem with a female Doctor as long there is a story need for it and not just a case of do it because we can. I quite like the idea that some Time Lords we met in the series switching gender. The Rani is a good example because I can see the type of amoral scientist she is when female is very different to how it would be when male. Missy and the Master are another example. Some Time Lords however I could see taking steps to avoid changing gender, going so far as to force regeneration to get back to what they believe is their true form.
However, when all is said and done the true origin of this story was very simple: What if the Timeless Child who became the Doctor had been the Doctor all the time?

Genesis of the Time Lords

He was a man who had lived far too long and seen far too many things. But even he knew that everything had to come to an end when it reached its time to die. And existence, the multiverse… the little reality that he called home, had reached its end. It was not a natural death, existence was dying everywhere at every moment in time. But an end had been declared and there was nothing to be done except welcome it.

Oh, there were ways he could have cheated the inevitable for a million or so years, but that would have meant a lingering painful death for something he cared for so deeply. And so he accepted that as the stars blinked out one by one, that the end was nigh.

But what about him? He had been cursed to survive a long time ago. There was little that could actually kill him and he had proven time and time again that even certain death could not keep him down for long. He was not immortal, yet he was incapable of finding his end, even as those around him fell. Would the end of existence be enough to lift his curse and allow him to enter whatever passed as an afterlife? The alternative of being stuck forever surrounded by nothingness… his mind would not even allow him to contemplate true nothingness as no matter how he tried to picture it, his imagination always gave it some sort of substance.

To be completely alone, unable to see anything, even darkness; to be unable to feel anything around him; he knew he would be driven mad by the experience. Perhaps that would be his form of oblivion, lost within his own mind for whatever happened next.

"It doesn't have to be, you know."

He turned toward the female voice and took a step back. The short blonde with a bright smile stood watching him.

"Rose!" he started to say and then stopped. The features were hers but the eyes were not those of the person he had once known. This being was something far more powerful, far more dangerous and at this time: completely expected.

"I am the Bad Wolf, the end of everything," she told him as if he needed an explanation. "Except for you. Even I cannot end you, Doctor."

"Then why are you here? You couldn't stop this, nobody can."

"I wouldn't want to," she answered, honestly. "And nor would you. This is the end, as it should be."

"What caused it?" he asked, curious to know. This was not a death due to old age. Existence had just suddenly ceased.

"Many things," she answered. "Too many things. Anyone could have caused the end. Together it was unavoidable."

"So why are you here then?" he demanded.

"To give a choice," she answered. "There is always a choice to be made."

"Which choice?"

"The same as always, Doctor: do you cease here with the rest of existence or do you go on?"

"In the void," he said. It wasn't appealing.

"As a part of what comes next. There is always something next Doctor. Even when someone dies there is something that happens next. Existence is the same."

"So I could be a part of what comes next," he repeated. "Why me?"

"Why not? The universe… the multiverse… existence needs the Doctor. Existence needs the one that will make it better."

"I'll survive?" he asked sceptically. "How?"

"The same way you have always survived, Doctor: by wanting to."

A noise caught his attention. He looked out into the growing void. He could still see shapes in the darkness. Something was still there.

"What is that?" he asked.

"When a body dies, it breaks down and is consumed," she answered. "The same thing happens with stars and planets. Look behind you."

He did so and saw the shape of a fortress of some sort moving away from them.

"That is the wave of destruction sweeping through existence," she explained. "Before it lies the future, behind it lays the carnage."

"How do I stop it?"

"You cannot. It is nothing more than a representation of time passing. The one in the tower rides the timeline, recording events as he stares out of the window to see them coming. As time passes the past withers and vanishes. That is how it should be." She pulled his hand. "Now look back to what has been left behind. "That is the energy of a dying cosmos flowing back to its source. Negative Energy feeding back to where it will feed what comes next."

"So where does that leave me?" he asked.

"With a choice," she answered. "You can choose to stand your ground here behind the wave as it continues onward, or you can run."


"You run, Doctor. Run faster than you have ever raced before and overtake the wave. Run ahead of the destruction and make what you find there better for as long as you can before time catches up. Run beyond the death of this existence and help make what lies on the other side a better place."

The Doctor had by his own admission been running his entire life. Running to danger, running away from boredom. Seeking out what was wrong in an attempt to make it better. He had run fast enough to avoid death and now he was being offered the chance to run one more time into a new existence, a future he could not know… It sounded fun.

"What do I need to do?" he asked.

"This archway will take you to where you need to be," she told him "It will only allow you to go one way."

He gaped at the massive archway that loomed above him. It had not been there before and he had not sensed its appearance.

"Very well," he agreed as he turned toward the archway. "I just didn't think it could be s simple."

"Oh Doctor," she replied, her eyes glowing with golden energy. "Nothing is that simple. You will survive, but not remember. You will learn to be yourself again however long it takes. And while you are learning the universe will have to get along without you. And when you do find yourself, then you will start to make it better."

"Wait, this isn't what I agreed to," he protested. He found himself frozen in place.

"No, but it's something you could not refuse," she answered.

The archway glowed and the Doctor screamed as he was dragged into the vortex. His body was thrashed and torn by the forces at work. He struggled but could not endure. Against his will his body did the only thing it could in the circumstances: it changed. And then everything went dark.

In the early days of the planet Gallifrey, there existed a race known as the Shobogans. The Shobogans held the appearance of being humanoid, an appearance they would later attempt to make the default shape for all intelligent life in the cosmos as time passed. Although they had started out as a primitive race, the intervention of the Celestial had caused the close proximity of their world to a tear in the fabric of time to result in a rapid evolution. Their minds had been radically altered by the temporal energy around them, allowing them to learn and discover at an amazing rate. They had been perfect for the Celestials’ early alliance of primitive races.

As time passed the ancient Shobogans discovered more and more of the secrets of the universe. And through their discoveries they learned about the existence of the vast pool of energy that existed in another dimension. They even used it to light their early cities and cool their homes. But there were some among them who could channel that energy and use it to perform incredible feats that could not be explained by their understanding of science.

Their evolution made the Shobogans fast learners. They developed technology that allowed them to reach the stars and beyond. They used the energy they had barely begun to understand to power their ships as they sent out fleets to learn more about the universe and to secure their place within it. The colonies they established would remain long after the race discovered its greatest secrets and due to their use of magic, would become an embarrassing secret that they tried to cover up.

Thousands of years later and civil war on Gallifrey had seen the planet divided between those that could use magic and were willing to do so, and those that either could not access the energy in that way or favoured the highly praised arts of science. The ruling factions had been overthrown countless times as dominance shifted back and forth. Neither side had yet to gain the power to completely subjugate the other. Although they were more powerful at the time, the magic users lacked the desire to slay their enemies, preferring to be merciful. Sadly that meant further uprisings and more bloodshed as those favouring science and logic continued to seek the removal of magic from Gallifrey and the the universe, by any means…

However, some did not involve themselves in the war and chose to continue exploring the cosmos. Space flight had evolved to the point of being about to cross galaxies in a matter of months. Tecteun was one of the planet's greatest explorers had already gone further than many of her peers. She was an ambitious woman, always seeking to go further and achieve more than her peers. It was said that if she ever managed to see the entire universe she would start looking for ways to see what lay beyond its walls.

With the help of another engineer, Tecteun had built a new type of craft capable of crossing galaxies in a much shorter time, without the need for deep sleep. It was her latest flight that would attempt to reach the limits of known space as observed from her homeworld.

The flight was a success, crossing known space in a matter of hours. At her destination, she landed upon an empty world to refuel. It was there that she was drawn to a strange building and a child. There was no sign of other life forms on the planet, not family for the child. There seemed to be no logical way for it to have gotten there and no way for it to return to where it came from. It possessed no food or drink and was hardly dressed for the environment.

Tecteun did the only thing that she could, gathering the child and carrying him back to the ship. In her haste, she forgot to look for the source of the light that had drawn her attention in the first place. Together the explorer and her newly adopted son made a return to Gallifrey.

Time passed and Tecteun postponed her plans for exploration to raise her son. Although intelligent it was noted that he often seemed vacant and unaware of his surroundings. He had difficulty fitting in with the other Shobogans. He was not as physically strong as they were. And one day his weaker body cost him when following a falling out with a friend he suffered a head injury and died.

Only the son did not die. Instead, he glowed brightly and when the glow faded, the son had been replaced by a stranger. Research proved that the child and the older boy that had replaced him were the same despite the difference in appearance. Further, the effect of changing had been to heal his injuries, leaving him fit, healthy and alive.

For decades Tecteun sought to unlock the mystery of what had happened to her adopted son and to replicate the results. She conducted experiments upon her child, sometimes forcing the change to occur to gave data. As time passed, Tecteun grew old and fragile while her child remained young and healthy. It was only as her life was drawing to an end that Tecteun made the breakthrough needed to isolate the parts of her child's DNA that caused the effect; coincidentally the removal of such genetic sequences from his blood led to his DNA resembling that of a Shobogan.

Having finally unlocked a serum that could duplicate the effects of her son's ability, but knowing she did not have the time for formal testing, Tecteun injected herself with the spliced genes. The effect was an instant change of appearance as the genetic sequences altered the connection between her physical body and the life energy it contained. At the moment of change, the DNA triggered a cascade of spiritual energy to flow through the body, tearing it apart and then recreating it in a new form.

Years more research followed to perfect the method of splicing the DNA into the Shobogan body and making the changes genetic. Realising that immortality could prove a disadvantage, she altered the serum so that after a set number of changes it would break down allowing death to follow. At that point, she was satisfied with her efforts and shared the secret of her discovery with the rest of her people.

Her discovery was welcomed by the enigmatic leader of the Shobogan's anti-magic faction. He could see the benefit of an extended life to push their race onward. He was not made aware that she had changed the original nature of the serum, only that in its current form it would work twelve times. Tecteun was acknowledged as one of the greats of their newly formed society, along with their leader and the great engineer that stood at his side.

More time passed. The Shobogans mastered the art of space travel and turned their attention to the mysteries of time. They used their discoveries to continue their war on magic, attacking magical societies throughout history and forcing the universe to become the logical place they desired. They kicked the magical leaders off of their own world and rebuilt their cities to function on purely scientific principles. They proclaimed themselves the Time Lords and set out to record history in a way that would secure their importance and plane in the cosmic hierarchy. Eventually, they even went so far as to move their world through time and space so that it appeared to have been one of the earliest worlds to evolve, placing them in the company of the Guardians of Oa as part of the elder races.

As for the child that had brought such fortune to the Time Lords. After many years he became an adult and then attended the Time Lord Academy. From there what happened to him was unclear, but generations later a man known as the Doctor left Gallifrey in a stolen TARDIS. By that time his memory had been wiped and his personality changed several times.

There is a vault on the planet Gallifrey that is so secret not even the planet's leadership know of its existence. Inside the room stands a piece of ancient technology known as the Chameleon Arch.

The Chameleon Arch was a device capable of altering the biology of the body and the memories of an individual allowing them to become a new person. Through this technology the Time Lords were able to create sleeper agents to infiltrate worlds and change them to fit with the Time Lord’s view of how things should be. However the device in this room was special as it had only been used on one individual; this chamber was filled with the collected memories and biological records of the Time Lord known as the Doctor.

The room had ceased to be used after an incident had threatened to expose the work of Division – a top secret organisation at the heart of Time Lord society dedicated to guiding the universe down the correct path using any means necessary. And in doing so Division had been responsible for the genocide of countless races and the destruction of societies as they followed the Time Lord policy of removing magic and those that either used it or relied upon it for their survival.

The accidental revelation of some of Division’s activities had caused them to halt many of their activities, passing on such duties to other agencies. They had ceased using the Doctor as their tool, allowing him to finally become his own person that they would manipulate in other ways. But the containers used to hold his memories and genetic sequences remained as a record of all they had achieved. And in pride of place was the first container they had ever created.

This one was different to the others, for it had been this one that had turned the alien being into a true Time Lord, locking away his natural abilities in favour of those his people chose to give him. His memory of life before Gallifrey was removed. His knowledge of Tecteun and her research was lost. The possibilities that could have been unlocked through further experimentation, wasted.

But in the back of his mind, the Doctor retained some sense of what he had once been and a distant memory of the existence that had come before he had arrived in the universe. He would never remember it, but it would drive him in his quest to make things better. The new cosmos like the one that came before did not need to be perfect. It just needed to be right. Whether or not he could remember it, whether or not he chose to walk the same path he had walked before… even if he decided to remain on Gallifrey and never seek out his truth, a part of him would always remember what had come before.

And as an elderly man ushered his granddaughter into a waiting TARDIS, the universe seemed to hold its breath, desperate to see what would happen this time around.

End of Part

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